You should be wearing a mask!


By Neil Connolly,
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15-05-2020 01:00:00 · 1 Comments

You should be wearing a mask is normally something that is said as a matter of outrage rather than our new coaching parameters. Today I’ve been coaching in a mask which has been challenging, thank goodness it hasn’t been hot, but managed to coach for four hours which I have to say has been a total pleasure.

To have what can only be described as very limited contact with a player, but to be able to talk with other human beings in what is a very safe environment, has been a great experience. I’m so glad to be back doing what I enjoy most.
The picture that you can see with this article is what our Academy looks like with these social distancing measures put in place. As you can see there is more than enough space to coach, to communicate and to be safe. The relief, almost joy, that my clients have shown today just to be able to hit balls, and to hit them well I might add, set against the fear that they had forgotten everything, was clearly visible.
The four lessons that I had today were with were with beginners who had only taken the game up just last year, so they naturally felt that taking such a long break away from the game was going to be nothing short of disastrous to their ongoing journey. I know I had more confidence than they did. Their hard work before the confinement wasn’t going to be wasted but the relief when the balls were going in the air, and I could show them their swings compared to when they left the game, in March, that very little had changed.
As I said a couple of articles ago, when you’ve had a lay off from the game the best thing to do is to get some lessons in early, so that good new habits can be brought into the player’s game. With this in mind, I would like to invite you to participate in either one of our Full Monty bootcamps or a short game bootcamp.

The Full Monty bootcamp consists of 16 hours of coaching delivered over 4 days (normally in the morning) and costs €195 plus a 9 hole green fee. So that means 4 hours of coaching over 4 days where we will cover every element of the game relevant to player performance and game improvement. Also included is a 9 hole playing assessment. There are a maximum of four attendees per bootcamp, and we have more than enough space to have social distancing in place.
I don’t mind saying that I love this form of coaching because I actually can get into the minds and the swings of the players because we have all of that time to talk about their games and the common difficulties that a player finds with the game. You’d be amazed how similar all golfers’ difficulties are, so the feeling of camaraderie amongst the group when they realise that they are not alone, is quite simply brilliant.
If you feel that might be a little bit too intense, I understand. So why not look at a Short Game bootcamp; we only have 5 players present for four hours coaching in one morning. The whole purpose of this bootcamp is to get the players sharper around the greens and the ball in the hole in fewer shots. Now the weather has turned for the better, almost, 4 hours outside learning how to chip, putt and play bunker shots is nothing short of heavenly. Especially when there are so few players on the golf course and it being as quiet as it is now. The short game bootcamp costs €75 per person.
Either bootcamp will almost certainly improve your game, will definitely get you out of the house, and you will have human interaction guaranteed.
If you like the idea of that please don’t hesitate to contact us at Golf Integrated Academy Vila Sol. Our number is 912 263 555 and our email address is
We hope to hear from you soon, in the meantime stay safe and say well.

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