Yorkshire golf course closed after boar-like pigs attack players


Sometimes a story comes along that needs to be seen to be believed. Here’s why Lightcliffe were forced to shut their holes

Seeing the ‘golf course closed’ signs go up is enough to make any player’s heart sink. But this takes the biscuit. (Or should that be bacon?)

Lightcliffe Golf Club, in West Yorkshire, were forced to shut their nine holes when two giant pigs broke onto the course and started attacking golfers and damaging greens.

Club pro David McKidd told NCG: “They looked more like boars than pigs.

“They were first seen on Sunday and a few players tried to usher them off. One got cut on the leg so had to go to hospital and get the relevant jabs. Then on Tuesday they came back and the greens chairman tried to usher them away and they went for him as well, so he had to go to hospital too.

“They were just charging around knocking golf trolleys over. We had to close the course for health and safety reasons.”

In terms of damage to the course, David said the animals had “dug up a bit of the 18th green and around the first tee” before adding that he had “never known a course be shut for this reason”.

The pigs were later seen in the town, where police managed to capture them.

If you’ve ever heard of a more ridiculous reason for a golf course being closed, then we absolutely want to hear about it.

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