XXIO 12 premium golf clubs: What’s new for 2022?


Hannah Holden has all the details of XXIO’s latest premium range

Watching tour golf can often make you forget the swing speed of your regular club golfer. The average clubhead speed for male players comes in at 93.4mph, meaning a huge amount are under this and would actually boost their performance by using more lightweight equipment. That’s where XXIO come in. They are specialists in premium, lightweight golf equipment. So what’s new for 2022?

XXIO 12: First impressions

A great-looking range that clearly delivers on high-end premium front.

XXIO 12: The technology

As you would expect the attention to detail matches the premium promise. XXIO individually engineer each grip and shaft as well as the driver and iron faces, which are made from exotic titanium alloys.

A rebound frame structure is used throughout the woods. This is four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones to increase COR. In the drivers, cup face is integrated to provide more ball speed across the club face.


In the irons we see a new thinner club face which can flex more to increase speed and distance. This is enhanced thanks to deep grooves etched into the interior of the iron body to further increase face flex.


ActivWing technology is also featured throughout the woods. This stabilises the clubhead by changing the aerodynamics of the club at the start of the downswing. Airfoil helps create more lift helping the club get in an optimal impact angle for additional speed and distance.


Cup face is used here too and the centre is thinner and larger than before. This gives you more ball speed, especially on off-centre strikes.

The clubs also feature added weight under the grip. This gets weight behind the hands in the swing and helps makes the downswing more consistent.

XXIO 12: The line-up


The main XXIO 12 range features premium drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons for golfers with slower swing speeds

XXIO 12 Ladies

The range also features a women’s set which is individually designed with engineered components tailored specifically to female golfers

XXIO 12: The details

RRP: £699 (driver); £469 (fairway woods); £329 (hybrids); £200 per club (steel irons); £220 per club (graphite irons)

More info: XXIO website

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