World Handicap System explained: Can I put in a score if there are winter greens?


Is it already time for temps? England Golf run the rule over whether your round can still count with winter greens under the World Handicap System

It’s a crispy dry morning, you arrive at the course only see one of the most dispiriting sights in winter golf: temporary greens.

Yes, we know how vitally important it is to protect our fragile putting surfaces and, at many clubs, the thought of dozens of golfers trampling their way around a frost-laden hole cup is enough to give your greenkeeper palpitations.

But you were feeling good and relishing the chance to put in a score that counted for handicap. Has the weather put paid to that? England Golf have come up trumps with the answer…

World Handicap System explained: Can I submit a score if there are winter greens?

You can indeed but there are limits. In a series of Q&As, covering various aspects of WHS during the winter, the governing body say that, for scores to be acceptable, “no more than two temporary greens are allowed to be used on an 18-hole course, and no more than one on a nine-hole course”.

Handicapping chiefs also covered the question of winter tees – as clubs can often move teeing grounds up and down to try and save wear and tear.

England Golf say there are also restrictions over “temporary alterations to the distance of a course” and state that a tee must not be more than 10 yards different to the “fixed measurement point” of that tee.

That’s the permanent yardage marker you should be able to find by the side of the tee box. It can often be a little slab or stone.

But there’s more. “The total distance of an 18-hole course must not be more or less than 100 yards different to its measured length, while a nine-hole course must not be more or less than 50 yards different”.

Now, no one’s expecting you to go out with a measuring tool to make sure everything is ship shape. You should feel confident your committee are taking this task in hand. And there are two exceptions to this as well – if an application has been made for a temporary rating, or if a shorter layout of the course has been officially rated.

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