Who Is Garrick Higgo’s Caddie?


We take a look at who currently carries the bag for the young South African.

Who Is Garrick Higgo’s Caddie?

South African professional Garrick Higgo seems to have had a meteoric rise in the world of golf over the last couple of years.

After working his way up from the smaller golf tours Higgo had an incredible 2021 winning three times in five starts.

The first two wins came on the European Tour and both of them occurred in the Canary Islands.

Then, he managed to win on the PGA Tour at the Palmetto Championship at Congaree as well.

As a result he has managed to get into the world’s top-50.

A man who has been with him for a lot of this success is his caddie, but who is he? Let’s take a look.

Who Is Garrick Higgo’s Caddie?

Higgo’s current caddie is a man called Nick Cavendish-Pell.

We are yet to confirm how the two people met and how long they have been working together but given their success so far, it would be surprising to see anything change in this regard.

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Perhaps one of the reasons for the successful partnership is how calm both people are.

For example Pell said to the PGA Tour; “You can’t tell if he’s shooting the lights out or playing poorly,” said his caddie, Nick Cavendish-Pell. “He’s just very calm out there. Very levelheaded guy.”

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Aside from the above quote, there does not seem to be that much information on Cavendish-Pell out there at the moment.

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