What’s the best equipment for low handicappers? Here’s what OUR expert says!


It’s a question Hannah Holden gets asked quite a lot, so here’s what she’s put in play in 2021

One question I get asked often is “What’s the best equipment for low handicappers?” So what better way to answer than just show you what I put in play?

For my best equipment for low handicappers video, I’ll go through what clubs, balls and other accessories I’ve got in my bag in 2021 and explain why.

So, what’s the best equipment for low handicappers?

My bag’s pretty heavy – probably because I’ve actually got 16 clubs in it at the moment (oops) – but I’ve got a good reason, you’ll be pleased to know: I have a couple that I switch in and out depending on the conditions.

So what do I carry around with me on the course? Am I a driving iron type of person? Or do I prefer a hybrid? And most importantly, does what I have in my bag help me play the best I can?

You know the drill, hit that play button to find out…

All clothing and shoes used in my videos are supplied by FootJoy. This video was filmed at Huddersfield Golf Club.

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