What’s new for 2022? Here’s what you need to know


What’s new? How much will they cost? And would they suit your game? Hannah Holden has all the details

The TruFeel is Titleist’s softest golf ball – but what else does it do? Let’s take a look under the bonnet…

Titleist TruFeel golf ball: First impressions

The Titleist TruFeel manages to deliver a combination of soft feel and long distance, and this year we see some new colourways. How good does that matte red look?

Titleist TruFeel golf ball: The technology

The new core is larger but also faster thanks to its low compression design.

Titleist TruFeel golf ball

The TruFlex cover has been redesigned and made thinner. The material is a Titleist proprietary formation designed to provide soft feel and excellent greenside control.

The dimple design features 376 tetrahedral dimples. They are specially tiled around the golf ball to optimise long game distance.

Titleist TruFeel golf ball

The TruFeel side stamp has been specifically designed to improve golfers alignment. It was picked as it was the most used option from the My Titleist customiser.

Titleist TruFeel golf ball

From October the TruFeel will also be available in a brand new matte red colourway.

Titleist TruFeel golf ball

The Titleist TruFeel golf ball is manufactured by Titleist at their own Ball Plant 2 in Massachusetts to ensure consistent performance and quality from every box.

Titleist TruFeel golf ball: Where it sits in the range

Titleist TruFeel golf ball

The Pro V1 offers a low trajectory, low long game spin, and soft feel.

The Pro V1x offers a high trajectory, high short game, spin and long distance.

Of the three performance golf balls the AVX offers the lowest flight, lowest spin, and a soft feel.

The Tour Speed offers soft feel, penetrating flight, and exceptional distance.

The Tour Soft gives you distance, feel, and short game control.

The Velocity gives you a high flight with extremely low long game spin.

The TruFeel offers ultra soft feel with superior distance.

Titleist TruFeel golf ball: The details

Available: February 4 (white, yellow); October 1 (red)

RRP: £24 per dozen

Colours: White; High Optic Yellow; Matte Red

More information: Titleist website

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