What is the average golf handicap in England? The numbers have been released


How do you stack up against other players in the country? After 18 months under the World Handicap System, England Golf can reveal the answer

How good are you at this maddening game of golf?

England Golf have revealed the average golf handicap for male and female players in the country and the results might surprise you.

It’s now 18 months since the World Handicap System came into effect and all of our marks transitioned to WHS indexes.

With a second season of scores starting to be inputted, and enough data to draw on following its introduction in November 2020, England Golf head of handicapping and course rating, Gemma Hunter, told a Hot Topics webinar hosted by the Golf Club Managers’ Association that the average WHS index for a male golfer was 17.1 and 27.2 for female players.

Gemma also came out with a host of other interesting tidbits about the new system. Remember the furore over the introduction of 54 handicaps?

Out of 737,000 affiliated members of golf clubs, and around 400,000 who had downloaded the My England Golf app, only 2,250 players held the highest possible handicap – a figure Hunter said was a “mythbuster”.

Some eight million rounds were submitted through England Golf’s WHS platform in 2021, with 5.5 million of those comprising competition scores.

That was an increase of 12 per cent on 2019. There were 2.3 million general play scores submitted and 94 per cent of all scores put in were for 18-hole rounds.

Richard Flint, England Golf’s chief operating officer, also revealed the latest figures on the governing body’s iGolf scheme for independent golfers.

He said 14,450 had signed up to the platform, which allows non-club members to pay an annual £40 fee and gain an officially recognised handicap, and said they were on track to meet the target of 25,000 subscribers in its first year of operation.

The average age of an iGolf member was 42 – considerably lower than that of a golf club member – and they had a WHS index of around 19.

“These are regular golfers playing a good standard of golf,” Flint said as he confirmed 606 iGolf users had so far transitioned into full club membership. Only 6 per cent of subscribers had previously been a member of a golf club before.

What is your golf handicap and how do you stack up against the average player? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me.

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