What is CBD, and how it can help a golfer?


Today, CBD is a hot topic in health products, and they appeal to golfers for some good reasons. A few high-profile PGA Tour pros, like Lucas Glover, Bubba Watson, and Scott Piercy, used it for its benefits. To explore more about why the stalwarts chose CBD as a good carrier support product, we have crafted this blog for you. Let’s start with understanding what CBD is.

What is CBD?

CBD is a phyto-extract from the hemp plant. Among numerous cannabinoids, with each having varied effects, CBD is a preferred choice as alternative medicine or recreational drug as it doesn’t have psychotic effects but eases pain and anxiety and helps to relax.

Taken from a cannabis plant, the oil is used to make a wide range of products to make soft gels, tinctures, drinks, and more with various creative endeavors in the queue.  

CBD shot to fame as an effective cure to child epilepsy and found usage in several benefits, including alleviating pain, anxiety, and relaxation.  

A journey from being a stigma to cure

There has been a prolonged misconception about CBD for its association with Marijuana. Unadulterated cannabis has a higher level of THC, which is another component of the cannabis plant.  THC contributes to the feeling of high and is not legally allowed. So, care is taken to manufacture CBD products with 0.3% or lesser THC content.

How has CBD gained popularity with golfers?

CBD has some properties that made it popular among golfers. For instance, managing pain and inducing relaxation has endowed CBD as a favorite among the players.

CBD also lowers inflammation around the joints and muscles, which gives another reason to become a favorite among golfers.

Another critical aspect of CBD is that it fights symptoms of anxiety, enabling the players to concentrate better. And with improving sleep enabling quality, CBD champions as the best sports product. CBD soft gels with melatonin from Joy support relaxation and help you with restful sleep.

The declassification of CBD by WADA – the World Anti-Doping Agency enabled the tour pros to rely on CBD  products for fast recovery and overall wellness.

Is it just for the pro?

Coming to the stress, pain, and anxiety factors, both the pro and amateurs go through similar phases. They share the same issues and ailments. Therefore CBD is included in the health code of millions of players across the globe to help them maintain a healthy life. In other words, CBD allows the golfers to stay active in the world of gold for longer years.  

CBD products for the golfers

As it is established that CBD is an excellent health supplement, you must be curious to know how to avail of them. Below are listed 4 CBD products that you can try.

Freeze Rollers

They are a tremendous pain-relieving aid to the aching muscles as they help in reducing pain and inflammation.


You can take CBD capsules before you begin your round. The effects typically last for 4 to 6 hours.


You can ingest CBD as snacks or protein bars to amplify your energy during your round. This is a favorite among avid golfers. 

Skin trans-dermal patches

CBD patches can be used as freeze rollers to get relief from localized pains in muscles and joints.  

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