Warning from Burnley Golf Club bosses after disgusting behaviour


Golf club bosses have warned they will stop people from
using their land after a weekend of anti-social behaviour caused by

Disgusting behaviour by sledgers as golf club bosses warn they
will stop people using land

Police officers have been dealing with the issue after bosses
from Burnley Golf Club reported the anti-social behaviour caused by
those out sledging.

Among other things, a small minority of those using the land for
their daily exercise were seen pulling down walls, lighting fires,
leaving rubbish, damaging the bunkers and driving on to the

Staff managing the course had also been on the receiving end of
verbal and physical abuse from the troublemakers.

Bosses have now warned if the behaviour continues, they will
stop people from using the land.

Providing an update on the matter PCSO Alex Catterall said: “For
years the golf club has allowed people to use their land for
sledging during winter but people being disrespectful are
threatening your enjoyment.

“If you see it, challenge or report it. If this keeps happening
the club has been advised by ourselves to stop everyone coming onto
their land and we will support them in this.”

“Let’s be clear, the 99 per cent of readers and people sledging
will be decent folk. I’m asking you to report or challenge people
(as you feel appropriate) who are causing damage or disorder.”

Neighbourhood officers in Burnley had previous warned people to
make sure they were within the same household if they were going
out to play in the snow over the weekend.

They said: “If you’re going sledging to relieve the isolation
blues make sure its with the same household.

Keep your distance from others not of your household.

Don’t tie up the NHS by being wreckless, we’ve already had a
couple of ambulances out. The worst gatherers are still groups of
teens. Parents be responsible and know where your teens are.”

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