This tip from Collin Morikawa will change the way you


Going to the driving range – it’s not for everybody, right?

Some people absolutely love shelling ball after ball and spending hours working on their games. Others can’t stand it.

Thing is, it’s almost impossible to become the best player you can be without putting in the hard yards on the practice ground. That’s why the world’s top players are constantly hitting balls and grinding away when they’re not on the course.

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They know that’s what it takes to keep their games ticking over.

So, if you’re serious about bringing your handicap down and unlocking your full potential, you’re going to have to change how you think about the driving range.

Maybe this advice from Open champion Collin Morikawa will help.

During an Instagram Q&A with followers, the world No.2 was asked how he plans his range sessions to make them more ‘impactful’.

“Always have purpose,” he replied. “There’s no reason to be out practicing if there is no goal you want accomplished.

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“I try to be as efficient as I can with time, while making sure I’m practicing something to be better than when I showed up.

“[I] also love creating ‘competitions’ in my head to keep me engaged as if I were in a tournament.”

Worth bearing in mind that Collin Morikawa has won two majors, a World Golf Championship and more than $15m on the PGA Tour since he turned pro in 2019. Might be worth listening to him…

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