This is how much tax Tiger Woods paid last year


More than two decades after bursting onto the scene, Tiger Woods continues to be one of the highest-paid athletes in sport.

Even though he has spent most of the last 18 months out of the game through injury, the 15-time major winner has still earned a huge amount of money.

That is mostly down to the lucrative endorsement deals he has signed with various brands.

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But with his huge pay packet comes a massive amount of tax, and it turns out he is among the most-taxed athletes on the planet.

According to a study carried out by, Woods paid nearly $65,000 in tax PER DAY based on his 2021 earnings.

He made around $60 million in earnings last year, and about $23.6 million was taxed.

Woods paid the ninth-highest amount of tax of any athlete last year. Basketball star LeBron James topped the list, forking out around $51 million.

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However, it’s not all bad news for Woods, since he was still left with more than $34 million even after sending the cheque to the tax man.

That made him the fifth-highest-earning athlete last year after tax.

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