The ultimate golf DMD? Shot Scope Pro LX: First impressions

The ultimate golf DMD? Shot Scope Pro LX: First impressions

Shot Scope Pro LX: First impressions

Hannah Holden is so impressed with what Shot Scope have done with their latest range that she can’t believe it’s taken until 2022 to happen

Shot Scope already have some serious impressive GPS and shot-tracking equipment on the market, so it was pretty hard to see how they were going to improve this. But they have blown this out of the water with THREE brand new products for 2022. Let’s dive in…

Wow! I love this concept. I always use the combination of a GPS and laser in competitions to help with shot selection and having them both together on one device would make this so much easier.

It’s hard to believe it’s taken until 2022 for this to happen, really. A stroke of genius.

Shot Scope Pro LX: The line-up

Shot Scope Pro LX
Shot Scope H4 Handheld

If you love the Shot Scope tracking system but don’t like wearing a watch this handheld alternative is a great option

Shot Scope Pro LX
Shot Scope Pro LX

The Shot Scope Pro LX is an advanced laser featuring slope technology so you can get accurate yardages no matter the terrain

Shot Scope Pro LX
Shot Scope Pro LX+

The Shot Scope Pro LX and H4 Handheld device can be combined to make the plus model giving you GPS and laser technology in one

Shot Scope Pro LX: The technology

The Shot Scope H4 Handheld combines GPS and automatic performance-tracking technology.

The GPS provides distances to the front, middle and back of greens as well as front and carry distances for every hazard.

It comes with more than 36,000 pre-loaded golf courses so you are ready to go wherever you’re playing.

This is all great, of course, but my favourite part is the shot tracking software that allows you to track where you hit all your shots and then gather statistics on every aspect of your game via the Shot Scope app.

The H4 is magnetic and comes with a belt clip which is an ideal alternative to the Shot Scope V3 for players who don’t like wearing watches. You can also choose to clip it to your golf bag with the carabiner clip or even just attach it to your trolley.

The app uses the data collected to generate over 100 statistics so you can see exactly where you are losing shots and what you need to work on to improve your game.

Shot Scope Pro LX

The Shot Scope Pro LX laser now features slope technology which, importantly, can be turned on and off so it complies with tournament regulations within the Rules of Golf.

To make sure you get accurate numbers it has target lock and vibration mode so you know when you’ve hit the pin.

For clear visuals it provides x7 zoom as well as black or red optics so users can select which they see best. You can also alternate in poor weather or light making this readable in all conditions.

The shaping, finished off with a premium rubber grip, has been carefully considered to give a comfortable and stable experience.

Now it gets exciting…

The Shot Scope Pro LX+ is the Pro LX and the H4 rolled into one, meaning you get GPS, shot tracking and statistics as well as laser distances to the pin.

This really gives you the best of both worlds in terms of on-course distances while also allowing you to collect statistics to help you improve your game.

Shot Scope Pro LX: The details

Available: March 31 (pre-order available now)

RRP: £149.99 (H4); £229.99 (Pro LX); £329.99 (Pro LX+)

More information: Shot Scope website

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