The two questions to ask yourself when buying a wedge


If your pursuit of improving your soft touch around the greens has led you to searching for a new wedge, then you have to ensure you pick the right one.

How do you know what wedge will best suit your game? 

John Sandilands – a PGA professional and a member of the team, pictured below – explains: “When deciding what wedges to use, there are two questions to consider. These are ‘how will my wedges run smoothly loft wise into my iron set?’ and ‘what lofts should my wedges be?’.

“You should have no more than four to six degrees of loft between wedges to allow consistent carry distances between clubs. The first thing I do when discussing wedge options is to determine the loft of the player’s existing 9-iron and PW. Manufacturers are now producing irons with a variance in loft.

“One set’s PW maybe 48 degrees and another could be as strong as 44 degrees. This means we need to determine our starting point. For example, if a player’s PW is 44 degrees, I’m going to advise they get wedges that are 49, 54 and 60 degrees.”

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