The most underrated irons in golf?


Wilson are back with an addition to the hugely successful D9 line. So what’s new? Hannah Holden takes a closer look

Wilson irons have more major wins than irons from any other brand on tour. So why do we not see them in the bags of more clubs golfers?


Wilson D9 Forged irons review: First impressions

Over the last few years I have been seriously impressed when testing out Wilson’s latest product releases. In fact, last year’s D9 irons were one of the best I tried in the game improvement category.

What’s more they are also often the more affordable option coming in hundreds of pounds cheaper than big name competitors. It really got me thinking about why we don’t see more Wilson products in play at golf clubs.

Wilson products have always been popular on tour with the likes of Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer and Payne Stewart picking up major trophies with Wilson clubs in play.

More recently we have seen Padraig Harrington and Gary Woodland bring Wilson back to the major winning circle.

But it was a deal back in 1970 that perhaps stopped Wilson golf being the household name it should have been. Pepsi bought Wilson and completely changed the company’s dynamics.

The brand went from being associated with iconic tour products to putting out mainly cheap, packaged box sets in department stores.

Perception of Wilson’s products quickly changed.

Wilson D9 forged irons

Fast forward to now, and it seems Wilson are getting back to their roots. Products of late, especially their irons, are mouthwateringly good looking and have performance that packs a punch.

It’s showing on tour as they add more players to their ever expanding roster and rack up more and more victories. If I were you, I would add Wilson to your must try products this season.

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