The Five Most Educated Golfers


Golf has been one of the most decorated sports of all time. It has witnessed the rise of several legendary players who also uplifted the game’s standards. Today, we will be presenting to you five legendary golfers who made big names on the golf course and in their educational lives. Keep reading!

Bryson DeChambeau

If you search on Google ‘the smartest golfer’ and you see the name of Bryson DeChambeau, then you should not feel surprised. PGA Tour’s powerhouse marketing team has been promoting him as the maverick intelligence for some time, and believe us; they are not that wrong. He took maths as a subject when he was in school. 

He major in Physics from Southern Methodist University. Bryson combined the rigorous science education with sports by giving every other student a tough fight in the university’s golf team. When he was asked what his secret of knowledge is, he advised, “buy dissertations and learn from them. The day I decided to buy dissertation and read them, I realized there is so much more to know in life.”  From performing stunts like using of ‘vector system’ to determine whether he can put the ball with the flag in or out to measure the ‘coefficient of restitution (COR) of the flagsticks. Undoubtedly, Bryson was a man with utmost knowledge.

Tiger Woods

Whenever we talk about Golf as a sport, the first name that strikes our mind is ‘Tiger Woods’. Now that you thought about Tiger Woods, the attributes we attach him with are his burly physique, phenomenal athleticism, and outstanding golfing skills. However, there is something more than most of us are unaware of about him. Besides being the king of Golf, he was also a brilliant student. The Big Cat graduated from Stanford University. It was at this place where he developed his passion for Golf while majoring in Economics. However, Tiger dropped out of the course to start with his first PGA tour in the last year of his college life. He excelled in all his subjects along with being the best player in his university’s team. 

Notah Begay

If you ever lookout for a list of best players in the field of Golf, then Notah Begay will always be going to be one of those names. He was the Tiger’s teammate at Stanford and is another man with a big brain. To witness his knowledge about the game, you can certainly refer to the Golf Channel. Before becoming a Golf pundit, he played in the PGA tour games and even bagged the title four times. Notah also studied Economics at Stanford and even finished the course. His educational lesson and the knowledge he acquired from his beloved teacher has been a critical factor in his life to uplift the standards of Golf commentary.

Geoff Ogilvy

Coming from the heart of Oz, his intellect is as great as his golfing skills. If you are wondering about whom we are talking to, he is none other than Geoff Ogilvy. People might not remember, but he won the U.S. Open in 2006. He is also a great reader, especially of Bobby Jones.  He has a unique talent for coining good phrases and that’s why his phrases were used in the UK essay writing service for students he always delivered the best writing service every time he penned something for the magazines. He has been journalist’s favourite as a source of articulate opinions on tours. 

Padraig Harrington

Padraig Harrington is a man with a different story. He is a bit like Bryson DeChambeau; his intellectual strength lies in numbers. Padraig lost his confidence at the end of his amateur career, and then this Irish champion decided to become an accountant. He quickly prepared for the exams, and to everyone’s surprise, he came out with flying colours and gave the journalists again a handy nugget of trivia to print in articles.

Bottom Line

That’s the list of a few intellectual golfers who broke the myth that education and sports cannot walk hand-in-hand. While few of them eventually gave up their education to pursue their passion, golfers like Padraig showed the world that even after being a champion, the fire of his knowledge was alive. Who is you favourite golfer? Do share with us!

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