The Best Putters On Amazon


We take a look at the best putters on Amazon available right now, varying in price to suit your eye and budget.

The Best Putters On Amazon

A putter is the most personal club in your bag. It is also the most used club in a round, representing the difference between a good score and a great score.

With so many putters available on the market, it’s important to find one that suits you, whether it is the look of the club, or the feel.

Here we take a look at the best putters available on Amazon, ranging in price so you can pick the one that suits your budget best.

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into the latest models or want something more specific, then be sure to read our guides on the best putters, best putters for beginners, best mallet putters and best blade putters.

Odyssey Triple Track

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter – 2 Ball – £227
Odyssey are one of the most recognised putting brands on the market, with their Triple Track putters providing exceptional consistency and performance. This is thanks to the impressive alignment system on the top of the putter.

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Fazer XR2

FAZER XR2 P425 Putter – £44.99
For under £45 the FAZER offers tremendous value for money, with the winged mallet design and easy alignment providing an extremely simplistic and effective look.

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TaylordMade Spider EX

TaylorMade Spider EX Putter – £268.95
Used by some of the best golfers on the planet, the EX putter features a fluted feel shaft and tungsten back weights, allowing for more consistent strikes and increased stability. Offered in an array of colours, the EX is a superb putter that can drastically improve your game.

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Kofull Blade Golf Putter

Kofull Blade Golf Putter – £34.98
Another putter that offers good value for money is the Kofull Blade Putter. With strike surface helping off-centre hits, the Kofull offers great forgiveness for those who struggle on the greens.

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Cobra Golf Putter

Cobra Golf 2021 King Vintage Putters -£201.08 – 254.14
The Vintage Putter series are the first of their kind to be 3D printed. Featuring in six different models, the Cobras also offer an adjustable weight system, this means you can adjust the putter till you find the preferred comfort.

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Cleveland Frontline Putter

Cleveland Golf Frontline Putter -£146.93 – £155.83
With the centre of gravity positioned closer to the face, the Frontline putter offers more stability through your stroke. Featuring alignment on the top of the head, the Frontline is an extremely effective putter at a very reasonable price.

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Odyssey White Hot

Odyssey White Hot OG Putter – £178.31 – £366.79
One of the most recognised putters in golf features a two-part urethane insert that provides fantastic feel, sound and performance.

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Evnroll Putter

Evnroll ER2 Mid Blade Putter – £329
The Evnroll is one of the best performing putters on the market right now. Featuring a face milling pattern, the ER2 provides phenomenal results even on off centre hits.

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Mizuno Putter

Mizuno M Craft 1 Putter – £280.03
A simplistic design and finish gives the M Craft putter a fantastic look. Made from 1025 mild carbon steel, the milled face offers consistent contact on your putting stroke.

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Taylormade TP

TaylorMade TP Patina Ardmore Putter – £179.06
With an adjustable weight system, the TP also includes a KBS putter shaft, allowing for consistent strokes time after time.

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