The best golf training aids


If you’re looking to upgrade your home set-up then we’ve got a few golf training aids that might be of use.

Whether it’s your swing, chipping, or putting you want to work on, I’ve tried to include something to help you improve across the board…

The best golf training aids

Best golf training aids: PuttOut

If you’re looking to improve your putting at home then look no further than PuttOut’s range of training aids.

The PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer has a standard hole-sized target, then what they call the “micro target”. It’s immensely satisfying when you get your ball to stick.

It’s a really neat piece of kit and, at just 80 grams and complete with a canvas carry bag, is perfect to take down the club if you’re working on your putting on a real green.

If you’re at home though, it all goes on the PuttOut Putting Mat which, if you’re wondering, runs at around 10 on the stimp.

RRP: £29.99 (Pressure Putt); £64.99 (Putting Mat)

Best golf training aids: Puttout Pro Gate Set

358456 PuttOUT 3 Pack Pro Gate Set 1

The PuttOUT Pro Gates system is perfect for practising your short game, either as a golfing professional or a first-time golfer. This training aid works on your stroke path and target lines by stroking the putter through the gates. Putt your golf ball through your intended 70mm,60mm and 50mm gates. So you can start with more confidence, to working on the smaller 50mm gate to test your putting ability.

Key Features:

  • 3 Gates in Total (70mm/60mm/50mm)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Improved Putting Skills
  • Storage Bag

RRP: £39.90

Best golf training aids: Swing Caddie SC200 Plus Portable Launch Monitor

351773 Swing Caddie SC200 Plus Launch Monitor 2

Stay on top of your golf game with the SC200 Plus portable launch monitor. This device allows you to work on your game without the need to connect your phone or app to this device.

Key Features:

  • NEW Swing Speed Mode
  • Measures: Carry Distance, Swing Speed, Ball Speed & Smash Factor
  • 3 Modes: Practice, Target, Random
  • Distance Voice Output / Remote Control

RRP: £229.90

Best golf training aids: Colin Montgomerie Quad Net

training aids

If there is one bit of the game people don’t practice enough it has to be chipping. If you want to get the most out of your garden space a chipping net is the perfect option but it could also be used indoors. The numerous dividers will help provide variety and hone your skills more.

Key Features:

  • Practice chipping net that improves aim, feel and distance control
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

RRP: £19.99

Best golf training aids: Links Choice Practice Net

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Supersize your practice sessions with a Links Choice Driving Net. Measuring a massive 7ft in height and 10ft in width, no golf ball will go astray, allowing you to practice your golf swing safely in your own back garden. Fashioned from highly durable materials, this supersize driving net has been built to last and take the full force of your drives.

Key Features:

  • 7ft High, 10ft Wide, 5ft Deep
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Highly Durable Materials
  • Fold Down & Store

RRP: £79.99

Best golf training aids: The Golfers Club practice air flow balls

training aids

It’s not going to be a great practice session without any golf balls now is it?

If you have a net but worried about shanking it or want to practice your chipping indoors without breaking anything, or even just need some golf balls for your kids to get started with, these fit the bill across the board.

Key Features:

  • Soft Compound Construction
  • Scalloped Holes
  • Real Ball Flight Simulation
  • 9 Balls in Total

RRP: £3.99

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