Swiss Golfer Plays A World Record 252 Holes In A Day


Jürg Randegger completed 14 rounds within 12 hours at Ostschweizerischen Golf Club in Switzerland

Swiss Golfer Plays A World Record 252 Holes In A Day

A Swiss golfer has set a new Guiness World Record for the most holes played in 12 hours whilst walking, racking up an incredible 252 holes!

44-year-old Jürg Randegger broke the record on 21st May at Ostschweizerischen Golf Club in Niederbüren, Switzerland.

The par-72 course measures 5,918 meters (6,472 yards), with Randegger going round it 14 times.

He bettered the official record by 31 holes and the unofficial record by seven holes.

Carrying only a 7-iron, he ran 93 kilometers (57.8 miles) and took 1,348 strokes on the way to holing out a record 252 times.

“I’m very happy to have achieved this ambitious goal, even if at times it was a real torture, not only but also due to the miserable weather conditions,” he said.

He lost numerous balls in his first seven rounds but then didn’t lose a single ball in the final seven rounds.

His final round score of 90 was his second-best round of the day.

After 11 hours and 22 minutes Randegger had enough of the bad weather and the pains and strains of his body and decided to call it quits.

The initial pace was high, averaging 45 minutes per round for his first eight loops, including the occasional stops for refreshments, as well as changing clothes and shoes, which were completely soaked from the rain.

The second half proved to be a bigger physical and mental challenge, and the pace dropped steadily.

But by 18:59 in the evening Jürg Randegger had not only beaten the existing Guinness World Record of 221 but also the unofficial record of 245 set by ex-MLB baseball player Eric Byrnes.

He then continued to complete the started round – accompanied and cheered on by many friends and supporters.

The Ostschweizerischen Golf Club in Niederbüren was the perfect course as it is almost flat, with short distances between greens and tees, and well protected by many trees.

“The greatest challenge for players is the required precision”, explains Daniel Schweizer, club manager at the OSGC.

“The holes are narrow and long. If you don’t play straight, you end up in the river or the forest.”

The world record attempt is accompanied by a charity call in favour of Special Olympics Switzerland, supporting people with intellectual disabilities, through the power of sports. More on

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