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Manolo Vega might be one of the funniest accounts on Instagram, but he’s also got some very useful tips that could transform your golf game.

The Mexican Maestro commands a huge following on Instagram, mostly for his hilarious one-liners. However, Vega is a pretty handy coach too, and if you listen to his advice, along with his tremendous accent, you’ll pick up some pretty nasty tips.

This week, Vega shared a putting tip, which, if you’re struggling with lagging putts up to the side of the hole, is guaranteed to tidy up your short game.

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This tip, which Vega learned from his friend and putting guru Brad Faxon, is an ideal one to try out when you have some time on the putting green.

Manolo demonstrates by placing a tee peg in the back of the hole on uphill putts, and at the front of the hole on downhill putts. The aim is to hit the tee peg with your ball on uphill efforts, but to drop the ball in the hole on downhill efforts, and miss the tee.

If you can complete this, you’re more likely to be lagging putts up stone dead, rather than leaving yourself some tricky three footers to save your par.

As you would expect, Manolo executes the drill with ease. 

Watch him in action below:

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