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By Neil Connolly,
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Lock down continues and the best joke I have seen so far on Social Media is a picture of two women talking in the kitchen, one asks ‘Where is George, your husband?’ her friend answers, ‘He’s in the garden.’ ‘Oh, I didn’t see him when I was out there a couple of minutes ago.’ The friend comments, ‘Ah, you have to dig down a little to find him!’

As we are confined to the house and waiting to see how far in the future the state of emergency is going to be extended, frustration is gradually growing. So here is an idea for the golfers who are out there. As you may be aware, I have been doing some online lessons and showing the public some key positions which will help their swings in an effort to allow the players to create a better swing, during the down time which has been thrust upon us. Have a look at the Golf Integrated Academy Facebook page or go onto YouTube and search for Golf Integrated Academy. As I am typing this, we have made it to Day 12.

They are just short videos helping the viewer to create better habits without actually having to hit the ball. How many of you feel that you have a great practice swing and when that infernal ball is placed in front of you the swing becomes shorter, faster and certainly nowhere near as efficient as the practice swing promised? Don’t worry you are not in the minority.

Here is another question, how many of you have a good comprehensive stretching routine? How many of you believe the warm-up is what you do putting your shoes on in the car park and swing a club before the first tee shot? Unfortunately, that does not cut it. Especially when the single biggest complaint my players have about getting older is that they seem to be losing distance. They tend to put it down to their technique getting poorer. This puts me in a difficult position as they are correct that their technique has fallen over a little, yet the real cause is they have been neglecting their bodies and have not been giving their muscles, ligaments and tendons the correct stretches to maintain their flexibility or mobility.

So, as we did last week, let’s have a look at this and use the time, which we have an abundance of for the foreseeable future, for the good of your game. All you have to do is watch my posts, which will have a smattering of golf stretches, or go onto YouTube and put into the search bar golf stretches. Follow the videos and do the exercises every day, if you are feeling brave, have a crack at them twice a day.

It is rare to find a movement or stretch which requires much space so trying them should be very easy, I would imagine if you are over the age of twenty-one, doing them might prove to be more difficult. What would also be a great use of your time and help you understand your swing in more detail, is before you do the stretch have a think about why this is so important to your golf swing. If you find a movement which is particularly difficult, you would then be able to see what the knock-on effects would be for your swing.

So, there is a two-string attack on your golf game; firstly through Facebook and YouTube and my videos on the Golf Integrated Academy page or channel. Then while you are on YouTube go and find some good stretches. I would recommend one in particular if you are saying to yourself, ‘I’m over fifty and can’t be expected to do this!’ search for Miguel Angel Jiminez warm up.

His warm-up is legendary, often imitated but rarely copied precisely. Have a go at the stretches and good luck, stay safe and try not to bury any family members between now and next week!

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