Steve Williams opens up on Tiger Woods’ ‘100% trust’


Tiger Woods’ former caddie, Steve Williams, has revealed the moment Tiger gained “100% trust” in the New Zealander’s caddying credentials. 

Williams, who was on the bag for 13 of Tiger’s 15 major championships, sat down for a series of podcasts, Chasing Majors, and the first episode details how the pair’s relationship began.

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Williams, who most recently caddied for Jason Day, also talks about how Tiger was out to win his second major, the 1999 PGA Championship at Medinah. Tiger reached the 17th green and had a crucial par putt to remain in control of the tournament. At this point, Woods and Williams disagreed on the break in the putt.

“When you play your practice rounds, you try and work out where you think the hole locations are going to be,” said Williams. 

“That just happened to be that I put a tee down somewhere close to that spot, and Tiger had putted from both sides. I distinctly recalled the putt didn’t break how you thought it did.”  

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Tiger was fending off a young Sergio Garcia, who would go onto finish only one shot behind Woods.  

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“One thing I pride myself on is that I say what I think,” said the 58-year-old.  

“It would have been very easy for me in that situation to say ‘yep, I think that’s right.’ If you said that, he’s not going to blame you because you saw it the same way I did. 

“But I told him, I said ‘no, Tiger, just trust me, that putt is left-to-right, just trust me.’ That’s exactly what I said.   

“That particular moment cemented our relationship, and in my mind, I thought this relationship is going to be long lasting. That was a huge moment. I could have agreed with Tiger, he could have hit it there, and he may not have won the tournament. 

“Going forward, I think that was the moment Tiger had 100% trust in me and I had 100% trust in what he was doing. That was one of those defining moments in my career.”  

Currently, the first two episodes of the podcast are available to listen to, but there’s going to be thirteen in total. We’re sure there’s plenty more stories of Tiger’s dominance on the way.  

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