SkyCaddie SX550: Bigger is better for golf’s leading GPS


Golf’s most advanced GPS is back and better than ever as SkyCaddie unveil their biggest ever touchscreen GPS. If the previous models are anything to go by the SkyCaddie SX550 will be a showstopper.

SkyCaddie SX550: First Impressions

How good does that screen look? Straight away I love the new shaping and thinner design and think the graphics look more detailed and better than ever.

SkyCaddie SX550: The Technology

The 5.5 inch display is the biggest in SkyCaddie history to give you the best possible view of the hole ahead. The Dynamic HoleVue is the main featured graphic which automatically rotates according to where you are standing. You can also zoom into areas of interest to reveal more detail.

It is also SkyCaddie’s slimmest ever model and lighter than its predecessor the SX500. This makes it easier to hold and use on the course.

IntelliPath technology allows you to to click and get a distance to any part of the hole such as hazards, fairway edges and run out distances. This is also ideal when trying to work out lay-up distances.

SkyCaddie SX550

One of my favourite features is the IntelliGreen Pro which gives you a detailed view of the green and automatically rotates according to which angle you are hitting in from. You can drag the curser to any point on the green to get a yardage as well as gaining front, back and middle distances. You can even input the pin positions in advance if you have a pin sheet.

One of my favourite new features is the Shot tracking capability which will making keeping statistics a lot easier. You will be able to analyse which clubs you used, how far you hit them and where you hit them from.

For my fellow UK golfers you’ll be pleased to hear the device is highly water-resistant making it perfect for rainy days on the links.

SkyCaddie SX550: The Details

Available: Now

RRP: £379.95

More information: SkyCaddie website

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