Shaun Blything and Robert Yeo jailed over incident in city


A MAN used a golf club as a weapon after his friend was knocked out by someone he had just assaulted.

Southampton Crown Court heard that Shaun Blything “over-reacted” after Robert Yeo hit a stranger on the back of the head and was punched to the ground.

Blything began lashing out with a golf club, striking a member of the public on his right foot.

It happened at Northam Road, Southampton, after Blything and Yeo had spent the day drinking in a nearby pub, the court was told.

Rosemary Burns, prosecuting, said they left the premises and tried to get into cars before Yeo walked over to a man sitting on a bollard and assaulted him.

She said the victim responded by punching him on the chin, causing him to fall to the ground unconscious.

Blything briefly left the scene but returned with a golf club and started waving it other people in the street.

Ms Burns said police were called and the defendant assaulted one of the officers by digging his nails into his skin.

In a later incident Yeo threatened a taxi driver and also assaulted three police officers, biting two of them and kicking the other.

Blything, 31, King Street, Southampton, admitted affray, possessing an offensive weapon and assaulting an emergency worker. Yeo, 38, of Hollybrook Road, Southampton, admitted assault, threatening behaviour and assaulting three emergency workers.

Charles Gabb, mitigating for Blything, said: “He simply over-reacted after seeing his friend lying spark out on the pavement. He lost all sense of reason.”

Edward Warren, mitigating for Yeo, said his client was affected by the blow he suffered when he hit the ground.

“The head injury he received caused him to act in a manner that was out of character. But he accepts his behaviour was unacceptable,” he said.

Judge Nicholas Rowland said the incident began when Yeo assaulted the man sitting on the bollard and subsequently escalated after Blything became involved.

Blything was jailed for a total of 18 months, including six months for wielding the golf club. Yeo was sent to prison for 14 months.


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