QUIZ: Name every European to have played in the Ryder


To date, 164 different people have represented Europe – previously Great Britain, the Great Britain & Ireland – in the Ryder Cup.

That’s less than have been into space (570), have scaled Mount Everest (5,780) or have won a men’s major championship (225).

You get the picture – it’s a small club.

But how many of them can you name?

• The story behind the numbers on the Euro bags

• Where will future Ryder Cups be played?

You’ve got 20 minutes and, obviously, we’re not expecting you to get them all. Get more than half and we’ll be enormously impressed. To help make things a little easier, we’ve provided you with the year in which each player his debut.

sure you take a screenshot of your final score (no cheating!) and share
it with us on social media. And don’t forget to challenge your mates to
see if they can beat you.


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