Pro launches scathing attack on PGA Tour


Grayson Murray has launched an astonishing attack on the PGA Tour, saying the tour effectively ignored his pleas for help to deal with alcoholism.

Murray, whose great aunt and uncle were murdered a few weeks ago, has had his fair share of run-ins with tour HQ – and it appears he’s had enough.

The American has one PGA Tour win – the 2017 Barbasol Championship – has missed his last eight cuts on the spin and is currently 185th on the FedExCup rankings. Earlier this year he deleted his Twitter account after telling Donald Trump to host his own tournament during the same week as the PGA Championship after the PGA of America had voted to terminate the contract of the Trump National Course at Bedminster for next year’s PGA Championship following the US Capitol riots.

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Last night Grayson said he’d had enough and admitted to alcohol problems – which was his “scapegoat” – but added that the tour had failed to offer any kind of support.

“I’v struggled with injuries for the last five years but those seem so minor to what I struggled with internal (sic). It takes someone struggling on tour to relate to what I have to say,” said Murray. He then said that, “for shits and giggles”, he has no wife or girlfriend and plays the tour by himself, with no coach, paying his own way in hotels and airfares each week. “Sure, if I win once or twice a year those costs don’t even matter – but who really does that except the top-10 guys every year?”

He then said he was “on probation” with the tour, which could land him in further trouble as the tour never discloses disciplinary action. “I have $20k forked up from my pocket. Jokes on them (as) I haven’t made a cut in three months so good luck in getting that.”

He added that he had a “f*** up” in a hotel bar in Hawaii that caused “no scene whatsoever” but admitted he was drunk, before adding: “I’m a f***ing alcoholic that hates everything to do with PGA Tour life and that’s my scapegoat.”

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Murray told his 14k Titter followers he had reached out to the tour for help, and said all they were interested in was money. “You see the tourism not once in five years of being a member has reached out to me with advice or help on how to deal with the life of becoming a PGA Tour pro.”

He then took aim at the tour’s new Player Impact Programme (PIP), saying: “All they want to do is pour money into the top-10 guys they promote.”

He said he hoped the tour would step up in their duty to help players who are struggling with life on tour instead of saying “we will get back to you”.

As a side, Phil Mickelson offered his support in a reply to the tweet. “I’m sorry the tour has been so overwhelming and if I can help in any way I’d be happy to. It’s not an easy life for sure and even winning every year can bring about other challenges.”

Incredibly, Mickelson added: “FYI, “we will get back to you” is the only response I’ve ever gotten too.”

The PGA Tour has yet to comment.

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