Portugal restricts movement to stem coronavirus


I have a trip planned for the end of July, the tickets have been purchased. I am unsure if travel will still be restricted or ill advised. What is the current situation in Portugal. Thank you

By Susan Gillette
from USA on 13-05-2020 12:50

Dear Sirs, in January 2020 we have booked a long desired trip to Portugal, intending to visit Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon in the period 18-28 April. As in March/April started the enormous spread of the terrible Covid-19 we took the decision (beginning of April) to cancel our trip. Meanwhile the airlines Rayan Air, Wizz Air and Air Malta have cancelled their flights to and from Portugal, so we made our next steps to cancel the accommodations via booking.com. The airlines and the transport companies in Portugal agreed with the cancellation and offered us a full refund. Same did the hotels in Porto and Coimbra. But….the hotel Canada in Lisbon has repeatedly denied to refund the money stating the reason that our booking was made under the clause NON REFUNDABLE. Even the CTP tried to help us to get the refund but No success !!! Hotel Canada’s answer was that we can use this booking till the end of the year (i.e. to use sort of a voucher at the same amount). But this answer does NOT suite us as future is always unpredictable especially for people like us over 70 y.o. We really do NOT understand how in these difficult times all over the world the hotel management is implementing such a non-human policy and on the other hand is trying to ruin the image of Portugal’s hospitality industry !!

Pls help us

Emil Ohridsky, Mariana Ohridska, Nikola Mitev, Maria Dimcheva – all Bulgarian nationals.

from Other on 23-04-2020 10:56

however fit you are at 65/70 plus you are at risk, however fit you think you are, your internal organs will have signs of aging, so you need to self distance and be very careful.

By Susan
from Algarve on 12-04-2020 10:11

Yes in Intermarché ,Aljezur i think it’s the mornings from. Try to check Intermarché website.

By Maja
from Algarve on 28-03-2020 09:30

Are there special shopping times for senior citizens? Is a senior citizen classed as 65 and over, or 70 and over? I am particularly interested in Intermarche, Aljezur.
Thank you.

By Cormac Murphy
from Algarve on 26-03-2020 01:46

Maybe this is a good time to purchase a home in central portugal where there are very few cases of coronavirus

By Professor Brian Rothbart
from Other on 24-03-2020 09:47

We have been here since December and although albufeira is on lockdown we feel so safe here
I’m 69 and applaud the portuguese government for there prompt and early action against this virus
God bless everyone

By Dave Beddard
from Algarve on 23-03-2020 06:19

As you age you collect more of a protein in your lungs that the coved-19 virus latches onto. Once connected to the protein it gets into a cell and generates thousand of copies of itself that then go on to infect other cells or other people. This has little to do with overall fitness. This virus is a killer, do not underestimate how serious this is. We are so grateful to be living in Portugal where the government and people take the correct course of action. Thank you the government, thank you all health workers, thank you the lovely Portuguese people!

By John Parsons
from Algarve on 23-03-2020 01:38

My wife and I have holidayed to the Algarve for the last 12years or so and have booked again this year I am 77 and my wife 75 however the advice been given we will need to cancel I would like to wish all in the country the very best keep well and safe will be back later in the year we hope

By George
from UK on 22-03-2020 04:56

I am living in California on the north coast about one hour from San Francisco. We are trying to practice “shelter in place” keep a distance of 6 feet from each other , use hand sanitizer, gloves ,etc….
Supermarkets are opening one hour earlier for senior citizens only , offering delivery as well as many other business and services . ..
People here are really pulling together so far including sheltering the homeless.

By Paul Fonseca
from USA on 22-03-2020 04:12

I agree with previous post. My husband and I walk a lot and work very hard every day on our Horta, which is about 1.5 km from our apartment. We are fitter than many people half our age. We have no tv, so don’t become couch potatoes. If we are prevented from going to our Horta, where we have no contact with anyone else, and can get fresh air and exercise, we will deteriorate both physically and mentally. Not all of us live in a city, Mr. Costa! Without our gardens, we may not have enough food, if supply chains break down. Please rethink your lockdown. Country people live healthier lives. Don’t turn fit, active, productive older people into prisoners and invalids. If we practice social distancing, we are not vulnerable and we are doing positive things for ourselves and the land!

By Jude Irwin
from Beiras on 21-03-2020 01:47

It is not very wrong Peter. It might be wrong for You personally, but it is clear that the death rate for those older on average is significantly higher. That means the Over 70s is a vulnerable group. Of course within that group wide disparities exist.

By Andy
from Lisbon on 21-03-2020 11:33

People over 70 and – considered a vulnerable group.
NO that’s wrong, very wrong.
I am 72 and in very good condition. Many by age 40, 50 or 60 can not match me.
Everyone over 70 is not wors than the rest of the population. Some of us are even better of.

By Peter
from Algarve on 20-03-2020 11:07

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