Portugal brings in tougher lockdown measures


It is important to accept that (a) COVID is a virus that kills (b) that it can kill anyone – it is not selective (c) and it is passed on from one human to another.

So if people ignore the Government Authority rules, anyone who is infected can pass it on to another – and just imagine that, that person dies (as could you from another). HOW CAN ONE CONTINUE LIVING KNOWING YOU WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLING A HUMAN BEING – and possibly be accountable. THINK. PLEASE BE SAFE FOR YOURSELF AND PLEASE DO NOT KILL SOMEONE ELSE, who has a family just like yours.

from Other on 21-01-2021 11:25

I am living u lisbon and see that delivery boy stand in groups. If one have covud 19 he will transfor to onther same situation is when they are going to deliver order . Then can take covid 19 from client.

Every whete resturent is open for take way and delivery .

By Ali
from Lisbon on 21-01-2021 08:04

If masks are effective, why to promote global shutdown?

Economy will fall to zero.

How then will families, communities and country in general survive?

If masks are effective, if majority of people complys, why global shutdown?

Freedom can not be negotiated. Health must be achieved by focusing on spot malfunctioning areas and/people, not on general country.

By Ana
from Lisbon on 20-01-2021 06:54

To Ian: walking the dog on the beach is generally not allowed, whether there are restrictions or not.

By Nina
from Other on 20-01-2021 06:22

We have access to world bank document, according to The World Bank COVID-19 STRATEGIC PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE PROGRAM (SPRP) (P173789) the Covid 19 project started 31 March 2020 and shall end on 31 March 2025.

The current situation shall increase and continue for 5 years.

By Eva
from Other on 19-01-2021 06:55

I live in a town of 19,000 inhabitants and have yet to see a GNR officer either on foot or in a vehicle enforcing the lockdown, its a normal ‘do as you please day’ here. Outside the Intermarche store this lunchtime there were 12 teenagers ( I counted them) all had masks but only three had then covering their faces, the rest had them under their chins!

By Greg
from Other on 19-01-2021 05:14

So shut down a sure fire way of stopping people going out: home delivery of goods. How on earth can people occupy themselves at home for a potential month without the means to do do? I could have used that month to redecorate my home! Stop penalizing those doing the right thing and focus on those ignoring the rules.

By Ian
from Other on 19-01-2021 03:19

Brought to you by the same people that said “the people won’t accept another lockdown”

By Fred Doe
from Algarve on 19-01-2021 10:33

Are the ITV Test stations still open and garages to get the work done if needed

By John simmons
from Algarve on 19-01-2021 09:20

Can people go surfing?

By Cynthia D
from Lisbon on 19-01-2021 08:10

PM doesn’t mention any sport in his speech. Your article says “even tennis and padel, are prohibited.” Can you tell at what part of speech is mentioned that phrase? Interesting to hear it again if you find that.

By Juha Malinen
from Lisbon on 19-01-2021 12:08

How come construction is still allowed to go ahead??

By Dan
from Lisbon on 18-01-2021 11:36

Let’s see how these go down in the Algarve. It seems to be a bit of a jungle out here.

By Annie
from Algarve on 18-01-2021 09:20

Are you sure the statement: “The prohibition of the sale or delivery or click and collect service of any non food goods, including clothing stores” is correct. This does not seem to be mentioned anywhere else or reflected in the new rules that were just introduced. Please verify.

from Algarve on 18-01-2021 07:50

I’m confused…so right now in Lagos during the week can I move between municipalities?How far can I travel for exercise eg can I drive to the beach to walk my dog?

By Ian Madeley
from UK on 18-01-2021 07:24

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