Players Enjoying Walk-On Music At Aramco Team Series


The unique Aramco Team Series allows competitors to choose their first tee music, which has proved popular with players…

We don’t often see walk up music on the first tee at Women’s golf events.

At rare times we have during the raucous Solheim Cups, but this week at the Aramco Team Series in New York at Glen Oaks Club, the music on both the driving range and first tee adds to the fun vibe of this event.

“Hearing music, that’s like me every day,” Lizette Salas smiled.

“I would like it to be playing while we’re hitting. It makes the start of our rounds even more fun.

“My walk-up song was “Take on Me” from A-Ha, so I brought in a classic on the first tee.”

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Players get to pick their walk-up song, so it gives them a chance to be creative.

Others taking note of the early round music is first round leader Sophia Popov who shot 7-under 65 on Thursday.

The event finishes after its third round on Saturday.

“The music puts you in a good mood, you’re excited to get going and I think also because you’re enjoying it with your team makes it that much more special,” Popov said.

Popov also feels that the music is good for observers to see players in a different light.

“Everyone’s jamming out and I think it makes it more fun for player and spectators because they realize these players are just like us, they love dancing to music and they’re not totally in this zone where they’re untouchable,” Popov said.

“When the music is good, I’m dancing. I don’t care whether I’m getting warmed up or not, I think it kind of creates a nice atmosphere.”

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