Ping Unveils New Glide Forged Pro Wedge


The new wedges from Ping are engineered for golfers who are searching for more versatility and improved shot making around the greens.

Ping Unveils New Glide Forged Pro Wedge

Ping has today unveiled its latest wedge, the Glide Forged Pro, aimed at providing golfers with more versatility, spin and control on the important greenside scoring shots.

The tour-inspired, high-spinning design is offered in two grind profiles and multiple loft options to fit players who rely on precision and control to shoot lower scores.

The smaller heel-to-toe head, which is forged from 8620 carbon steel, creates a captured look at address, giving players the confidence to manipulate the head to help execute any shot they are facing.

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In combination with the precision-milled face and grooves, the new Emery face blast adds more texture to the hitting surface, creating higher friction and more interaction between the club and ball for more spin and a lower launch.

The 50° and 52° lofts feature wheel-cut grooves with a 20° sidewall to optimise performance on full shots commonly associated with gap wedges.

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Meanwhile, the 54° to 62° options are milled with a 28° sidewall and tighter radius to provide more spin and precision on the finesse shots around the green and from the sand.

Two grind options in multiple lofts expand the offering to ensure a wedge choice is available for a wide range of golfers to match specific playing conditions and angle of attack.

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The S grind comes in seven loft and bounce configurations and features a moderate bounce with a rounded lead edge to produce an option that will cater to the broadest range of golfers.

The T grind has a narrower sole with approximately 3° less bounce than the S grind to make it more precise around the green. It’s available in three lofts, including a 62°, which offers low bounce and high loft for the most greenside versatility.

Golfers can also choose from eight custom grinds through Ping Wrx, the company’s facility that custom builds the majority of its Tour and college equipment.

Ping Glide Forged Pro Wedge

Finally, Ping has created an EYE2 wedge in the Glide Forged Pro range.

Inspired the “S” grind 59º option, which is distinguished by the high-toe design made popular by Karsten Solheim’s iconic sand wedge developed in the early 1980s, it features a blended hosel and a more traditional sole design than the original with approximately 1.5º less bounce than the other “S” grind lofts.

The custom-fit, custom-built Ping Glide Forged wedges are now available to pre-order at authorised Ping retailers around the world and have a RRP of £199.

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