Phil Mickelson’s commercial for his Stone Canyon Golf Club is a hilarious brag


The golf public got to see Stone Canyon Golf Club in Arizona for the first time on Nov. 27, when the club hosted The Match: Champions for Change, which pit Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley against Stephen Curry and Peyton Manning in an 18-hole match-play exhibition for charity.

What most people didn’t know about the host club until the event was that Mickelson himself owns Stone Canyon Golf Club through his Mickelson Private Golf company, which is a group of six clubs with limited memberships.

But golf fans found out during The Match when there was a commercial for Stone Canyon featuring the five-time major winner himself.

Mickelson appears in the commercial, delivering an absolutely baller line: “I love this club so much, I bought it.”

What better endorsement is there for a club than loving it to the point that you would seek to buy it? It makes sense for Mickelson to make that his sales pitch as a rich professional athlete who can afford to buy a half-dozen golf clubs.

The Match has been a delight, and Mickelson’s spot just made it all the better.

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