PGA announces New Membership Categories As Part Of 2020 Vision


The PGA is evolving with its 2020 Vision, featuring new membership categories for professionals, workers in the golf industry and volunteers….

PGA announces New Membership Categories As Part Of 2020 Vision

The Professional Golfers’ Association has announced three new defined categories of membership following 18 months of consultation and planning.

It’s all part of the organisation’s 2020 Vision, which sees the largest structural change in its 119-year history as the PGA looks to secure itself for the future.

Previously a PGA Pro was just that, a PGA Pro, however members of the organisation will now be able to select a specialist role that better reflects their expertise and day-to-day roles.

There are so many day-to-day roles of the modern PGA Pro from things like running the retail business, working as a director of golf, teaching clients and competing, so these new categories will allow each pro to be recognised in the way that most suits their expertise and daily life.

The three new roles are:

  • PGA Professional
  • PGA Coach
  • PGA Manager

These roles have been created after feedback from PGA Pros who wanted their areas of specialism represented so they could differentiate themselves from their peers.

They have also been designed to help PGA Pros occupy a more valued position in their clubs and ensure that their skills, status and reputation are recognised in the wider golf business.

The new individual categories are said to “reflect the diverse roles fulfilled by PGA Professionals around the world and enable them to more accurately demonstrate their skills and influence.”

On top of these three roles, the PGA has also created two new industry Membership groups as part of its 2020 Vision – the Business Management Group and Club Volunteer by PGA.

These two roles are open to anyone employed in the golf industry or working as a volunteer.

They’ll be offering up world-class support, education and networking services for those involved with the game.

The Business Management Group is about helping to support and develop the workforce of golf, whether employed in golf clubs, hotels, travel, operations, retail, equipment or any other golf business sectors.

It is designed to give all of the people who make golf business happen the opportunity to join a professional body and be a part of what aims to become the leading industry network for knowledge sharing, networking and career development.

With the creation of a Club Volunteer category – aimed at those who support the running of golf clubs in the way that Governors contribute to schools – The PGA will provide specialist training and guidance, enabling volunteers to update skills, offer more to their club and align goals and aspirations with the professional workforce.

“This is one of the most significant moments in the 119-year history of The PGA,” said Robert Maxfield, Chief Executive of The PGA.

“We recognise that the golf industry and the way golf clubs are operated has changed.

“That’s why we’ve spent the last 18 months working hard to evolve our Membership structure so that our Members – and us as an organisation – remain relevant to golf in the 21st century.

“The PGA in 2020 needs to represent a very different model to that of The PGA of the last 20 years.

“By enabling present and future Members to specialise and develop further in their chosen areas, we are recognising and championing their expertise.

“By bringing all those who work and volunteer in golf under the umbrella of The PGA, we’re positioning ourselves at the heart of the game for years to come.

“With the 2020 Vision we will be a membership of professionals across the business of golf rather than a membership of professional golfers.”

Applications for the new categories and membership groups are now being accepted. Interested applicants can find out more and register interest now.

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