Nick Faldo shares his simple slice solution


If you suffer from the dreaded slice, you’re not alone. It’s probably the most common ailment for amateur players, and it can be the hardest to try and cure.

Not only does a slice leave you down the wrong side of the hole, but you’re losing a good chunk of distance off-the-tee too.

Thankfully, six-time major winner Sir Nick Faldo is on hand to get you hitting more fairways, and spend less time looking for your ball in the trees.

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Faldo was always known as one of the best, most consistent ball strikers in his time, and he clearly still has it in him. Here’s his keys to sorting out your slice.


Firstly, Faldo recommends closing your stance to straighten out your ball flight. He demonstrates by taking his back foot further away from the ball, and getting his feet pointing further right.

This is going to promote a swing path more from the inside, rather than an over-the-top action that promotes a slice.


Next, Faldo suggests feeling like your left shoulder is moving up when you’re starting your downswing. Again, this is going to get your club moving on the right plane, rather than coming over the top.

This is unlikely to be a thought you’ve had before, but it can get you hitting the ball straighter, and longer. 

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Finally, a common issue for those who struggle with a slice is not releasing the club through impact. The three-time Open champion suggests practicing with just your right arm, which will help you get a feeling of releasing the club through the ball.

This is going to help you get the clubface moving in the right direction, and probably hit it further too.

Want to see Sir Nick in action? Watch the full video below

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