Most Comfortable Golf Shoes – Our Favourites For Comfort


Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

It sounds like an obvious thing to say that golf shoes have to be comfortable.

You want your shoes to offer a nicely cushioned wear and thankfully there’s a huge focus on comfort in the golf market as you do an awful lot of walking during a typical 18 hole round. Sometimes you might even stretch to 36 and the best golf shoes out there will feel as if you could wear them literally all day.

Brands spend a lot of money and research time to make the most comfortable golf shoes possible. Shoes that provide a soft yet stable feel on all different terrains, and make sure they are a joy to wear as well.

To help you choose your optimum pair of golf shoes, we’ve picked out the most comfortable golf shoes on the market, given you some insight into how we test golf equipment and gear, and taken a look at some factors you should consider when buying golf shoes.

On that final note, there are lots of other variables to think about too. For example we have created guides on the best golf shoes for wide feet, the best waterproof golf shoes and best golf shoes for walking as well so make sure you find the right model for you, and what is important to you.

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoes

Sizes: 6-12            Waterproof: 100%           BOA option: Yes
Colors: 4 Men’s (Grey, Blue, Black, Grey) 2 Women’s (Black, Grey)

+ All-day comfort
+ Extremely versatile shoe
– Textured upper so difficult to clean

Thanks to a combination of excellent fit and almost unrivalled underfoot cushioning, this is easily one of the most comfortable shoes on the market. There are two models available, a laced version, and a BOA option which is the model we tested.

The Wrapid BOA fastening system means the pressure is evenly distributed across the entire foot and there’s no pinching anywhere.

It’s the same when walking as staggered ridges on the outsole allow the shoe to flex with your foot’s natural movement.

From a looks perspective, we like the modern aesthetic because it is almost trainer-like.

Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes

Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes, ecco golf shoes on grass

Sizes: 6.5-12.5            Waterproof: 100%           BOA option: Yes
Colors: 4 Men’s (White, Black, Grey, White) 4 Women’s (White, Black, Pink, White)

+ Stylish and extremely comfortable
+ Ample grip from different lies and protection from the elements
– More expensive than most of the other shoes on the list

Ecco is well known for producing comfortable golf shoes, and the Biom Hybrid 4 is no different.

The comfort comes from the Fluidform Technology which promotes a process by where specialised fluid materials form around the foot to deliver an unparalleled balance of cushioning and rebound.

Furthermore, the upper is both breathable and waterproof, while the X-Tensa TPU element enhances the comfort as a result of the midsole stability it provides.

G/FORE MG4+ Shoes

G/FORE MG4+ Shoes, man wearing golf shoes, g/fore golf shoes on putting green

Sizes: 7-15            Waterproof: 100%          BOA option: No
Colors: 4 Men’s (Black, Snow, Nimbus, Twilight) 5 Women’s (Snow, Racer, Stone, Nimbus, Scarlet)

+ Use all day
+ Modern, stylish design with good colour/size choice
– Can feel slightly heavy after a day on the course

Whilst G/FORE are synonymous with outlandish designs and colour ways, the MG4+ has a more understated, and yet modern look and appeal.

Lightweight and completely waterproof, the shoe does not compromise in terms of comfort thanks to ForeFoam cushioning and a triple density footbed which is “the ultimate massage for your soles.”

When we put the shoes through their paces over two consecutive days of 36 holes, they were comfortable from start to finish, and performed about as well as is possible on a debut outing and beyond.

Under Armour HOVR Drive Golf Shoes

Under Armour HOVR Drive Golf Shoes, man walking wearing under armour golf shoes, white under armour golf shoes

7-12            Waterproof: 100%          BOA option: No
Colors: 2 Men’s (White, Black)

+ Excellent grip and stability
+ Lightweight and comfortable
– Laces can come undone easily

While packed with performance perks, the new HOVR Drive shoe from Under Armour also delivers when it comes to comfort.

In particular, the upper is both breathable and lightweight, ensuring external water can’t get in while allowing internal moisture created to escape.

Additionally, UA’s HOVR technology supports the natural movement of the foot during the golf swing and provides excellent underfoot cushioning.

And this is only enhanced by the compression mesh energy web that moulds foam to the wearer’s foot shape to eliminate the impact felt step after step.

Skechers Pro 4 Legacy Golf Shoes

Skechers Pro 4 Legacy Golf Shoes, skechers golf shoes with white background

6.5-12            Waterproof: 100%          BOA option: No
Colors: 3 Men’s (Lime, White, Black)

+ Replaceable spikes are a good feature
+ A very solid shoe in every aspect
– Perhaps doesn’t wow you as much as other models

When you think of comfortable golf shoes, Skechers covers that off better than most.

The Pro 4 Legacy features a high performance Resamax insole and lightweight responsive ‘Ultra Go’ cushioning for that ‘out the box comfort’ that the brand is known for.

Grip comes from a dynamic diamond traction plate and replaceable Softspikes cleats, while the synthetic upper is also waterproof. As far as colour options, this shoe is available in white/navy, grey/lime and black/red.

Duca Del Cosma Monterosso Golf Shoes

Duca Del Cosma Monterosso Golf Shoes, golf shoes with white background

6-12            Waterproof: N/A          BOA option: No
Colors: 6 Men’s (Black, White, Navy, Ecru, Light Blue, Olive)

The style of these shoes clearly indicate that they are designed to be worn both on and off the course.

However, there is performance hidden within. A breathable, ergonomic Arneflex insole offers nice underfoot cushioning, while the leather upper is lightweight and adds to the overall soft feel of the shoe.

There is also good grip on offer thanks to Duca’s original outsole that ensures stability during the swing.

Adidas CodeChaos Shoes

Adidas CodeChaos Shoes, adidas golf shoes on grass

Sizes: 6.5-11            Waterproof: 100%          BOA option: Yes
Colors: 4 Men’s (White, Black, Grey, Green) 2 Women’s (White, Black)

+ Super comfy and provides excellent grip
+ Lots of performance for the price
– Quite garish in certain colorways

The popular Codechaos shoe has been designed for those looking to differentiate themselves on the golf course and it is seriously comfortable to wear too thanks to full length Boost cushioning across the entire midsole, creating energy rebound and putting a spring in your step.

The upper is made of a multi layer mesh, making it lightweight, flexible and breathable.

It also has a thin film on top that provides waterproof protection, durability and it repels water and debris so it doesn’t stain and is easy to clean.

FootJoy Stratos Shoes

FootJoy Stratos Shoes, footjoy golf shoes with white background

6-12            Waterproof: 100%          BOA option: No
Colors: 4 Men’s (Cognac, White, Navy, Grey) 4 Women’s (White, Blue, Silver, Red)

+ Soft and comfortable
+ Versatility
– Quite bulky

Definitely one of the most versatile shoes on the list, the FootJoy Stratos offers no shortage of comfort.

The StatoFoam midsole enhances the comfort provided by the PU FitBed that sits above to deliver an extremely soft feel underfoot that rebounds with each step.

There’s also plenty of grip available thanks to an outsole that is packed with multi-directional nubs, while the soft leather upper rounds out the shoe in style.

Importantly there are also four color choices for both men and women which is good thinking from FootJoy.

Puma Ignite Caged Crafted Golf Shoes

Puma Ignite Caged Crafted Golf Shoes, man wearing puma golf shoes, putting with golf shoes on putting green

7-15            Waterproof: 100%          BOA option: Yes
Colors: 4 Men’s (White, Blue, Grey, Black)

+ Stylish and very comfortable
+ Excellent grip from a variety of lies
– Dirt can get underneath caged section

One of the best spiked golf shoes out right now, the Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged Crafted footwear is said to deliver the optimum blend of comfort, style, and locked-in stability no matter how hard a golfer swings.

Comfort comes from the full-length Ignite foam cushioning that makes the underfoot experience very enjoyable.

It definitely offers a more roomy fit in the forefoot area yet the design of the caged area ensures your feet are secure when you pull the laces tight, presuming you have the correct size of course.

Under Armour Spieth 5 SL Golf Shoes

Under Armour Spieth 5 SL E Golf Shoes, man putting with golf shoes on,

Sizes: 7-11            Waterproof: 100%          BOA option: No
Colors: 1 (White)

+ Provides a snug fit that boosts comfort and support
+ Impressive levels of grip
– Lack of color choice

The 3D moulded footbed of the Spieth 5’s create a fit that feels like it has been tailored to your foot because it wraps over the inside and top of your foot which certainly feels unique.

In our testing we thought it felt a little strange at first but once we got used to it there was renewed confidence and comfort. The HOVR midsole also plays a key role in the comfort as well.

This, as well as the compression mesh energy web and Clarino microfibre upper, makes this an extremely comfortable shoe.

The main negative we found was the lack of color choice because it is only available in white.

Mizuno Wave Nexlite 008 BOA Golf Shoes

Mizuno Wave Nexlite 008 BOA Golf Shoes, mizuno golf shoes with white background

Sizes: 6.5-12            Waterproof: 100%          BOA option: Yes
Colors: 3 Men’s (White, Black, Blue) 2 Women’s (Grey, Sky Blue)

+ Fits to all foot shapes
+ Incredible lightness
– Leather section in heel seems unnecessary

At just 235 grams per shoe, the Nexlite 008 BOA shoe from Mizuno delivers a feeling of weightlessness that is almost unmatched.

It’s that out-the-box comfort that sets it apart from some of its rivals.

Additionally, the BOA system also ensures golfers of all foot shapes and sizes will be able to find a comfortable fit no matter what.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Shoes, nike golf shoes with white background

Sizes: 3-15            Waterproof: 100%          BOA option: No
Colors: 8 Men’s (Black, White, Blue, Red, Lime, Sail, Aurora Green), including special edition models

+ Outstanding stability, grip and comfort
+ Good colour choice
– Unusual floppy tongue and very snug around the heel

The Nike Infinity Tour shoes were inspired by Brooks Koepka‘s habit of chipping and putting in Nike running shoes, and as such they are designed to provide speed and comfort to golfers, leveraging maximum energy return from the ground up.

Nike borrowed design inspiration from other sports (running, basketball) to create a golf shoe that is as comfortable as they come, and yet there are two things to look out for when you yourself try them on. First the shoes can be tight around the Achilles which is by design to stabilise the heel, and the loose tongue section can take a bit of time to get used to as well.

A model which also made our guide on the best golf shoes for wide feet, the shoes look great, come in lots of different colors including some special edition designs Koepka wears during big events.

FootJoy Flex XP Golf Shoes

FootJoy Flex XP Golf Shoes, footjoy golf shoes with white background

Sizes: 4-14           Waterproof: 100%          BOA option: No
Colors: 5 (Blue, Green, Black, Grey, Camo Grey) 4 Women’s (Pink, Mint, Charcoal, Camo Blue)

+ Stylish and very comfortable
+ Provides waterproof protection
+ Value for money
– Textured upper difficult to clean

The Flex XP shoe delivers a tremendous blend of lightweight comfort and traction, combined with a fully waterproof upper.

The Versa-Trax outsole of the Flex XP shoe has helped make this the leader in FootJoy’s spikeless category as it provides solid traction on the golf course. The EVA midsole and mesh ribbing also provide greater support too.

Available in five colours for men, and four for women, including a really modern camo design, the shoe has a casual, contemporary look and we have found ourselves wearing the Flex XP as much away from the course as on it.

It really is supremely comfortable and there are no issues in wearing it all day, whether playing golf or not.

How we tested the most comfortable golf shoes

When it comes to testing golf shoes Golf Monthly has a strong testing procedure that revolves around putting them to the test over a number of rounds and in a variety of different conditions. We often play multiple rounds in one day in the same shoe too.

That way we have a clear understanding of which shoes are more comfortable than others, whilst also making note ot things like grip, stability, versatility, looks and overall performance.

Before the testing even begins we often attend product launches and have discussions with the manufacturer’s R&D experts to understand the new technology. That way we know what the technology is supposed to do, and can test for whether it does so.

The final point to make here is manufacturers cannot buy a good review because we tell it how it is for all golf product reviews, not just golf shoes.

What to consider when buying golf shoes

There are a number of factors to consider when picking out your next pair of golf shoes so to help you narrow down your search and inform your buying decision, below we have put together some key points.

Comfort – Obviously the first place to start is comfort. We all have different sizes and shapes of foot which will therefore mean some models are more comfortable than others. As such going to try on different models is invaluable before making a purchase.

When you are trying shoes on, listen for a ‘whoosh’ sound which should indicate air leaving the shoe which usually suggests a good fit. Walk around in the shoes too so you can feel any pinching and whether your feet are moving around inside them. A correctly fitted shoe should so neither of these things.

Getting the right fit is important because otherwise blisters can build up. Or your feet may slide around inside, which limits your stability.

Spiked or spikeless? – Do you want a spiked or spikeless design because there are incredibly good golf shoes in each category. That being said each have their own pros and cons.

Spiked golf shoes offer better grip and stability but don’t sit as low to the ground as spikeless models.

Spikeless golf shoes offer off-course versatility but might not offer as much traction. Have a think about which factor is most important to you here.

Waterproofing – If you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain then a waterproof shoe is a must. The best designs will keep your feet bone dry however if you play golf in glorious sunshine most of the time, then you may view other factors as more significant.

Styling – Thankfully modern golf shoe design has seen many brands not just create traditional, classic-looking shoes, but also modern styles that can be used off the golf course too.

Therefore it is important to think about what your shoes look like and what style suits you. Whatever you like or dislike, there is something for everyone these days.

Budget – Finally be aware of your budget because you can find a good, comfortable golf shoe at every price point.

If you enjoyed this guide on the most comfortable golf shoes, check out the Golf Monthly website.

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