Mizuno ST-G 220 driver – FIRST LOOK!


At the beginning of this year we saw Mizuno unveil its brilliant ST-X and ST-Z drivers. There is now an all-new addition to the ST Series family… the ST-G 220.

The ST-G220 brings a new dimension of adjustability to the line-up, while boasting many of the same powerful technologies as its siblings, including Mizuno’s new SAT2041 Beta Ti face and complex carbon construction.

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The ST-G 220 driver has shorter lateral weight tracks allowing a new centre/back weight port. The combination of three tracks and two moveable weights mean the ST-G can be transformed from ultra-low spinning bomber to a highly playable mid-spinning option, with fade or draw bias in both. 

Miuzno St G 220 2

“Having that little bit of extra adjustability is especially useful out on tour – where we can fine-tune a player’s flight.  Or make an adjustment for a particular tournament when the player doesn’t want the feel of a completely new driver,” says Chris Voshall of Mizuno Golf. 

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The weight locations offers a rare combination of both backspin and fade/draw adjustability options, something that can be rare to find in more traditional adjustable drivers.

No matter which setting you opt for, the ST-G 220 will deliver impressive performance from off-centre strikes, with consistent sound and feel across the varying weight positions.

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“The ST-G 220 has so much more effective movement of weight along both the X and the Z axis. We can set it to be very low spin, a more playable mid spin, heavily fade or draw biased and just about anything in-between,” added Voshall.  

Miuzno St G 220 3

Like the ST-Z and ST-X, the ST-G 220 driver also features Mizuno’s latest SAT2041 Beta Ti face. SAT2041 stands for Super / Alloy / Titanium / 20% Vanadium / 4% Aluminum / 1% Tin and it offers 17% more tensile strength and 8% more flexibility than traditional 6-4Ti.

The New Multi-thickness CORTECH Face, meanwhile, serves to better retain ball speed on miss hits, especially those low on the face.

With a modern player’s profile, impressive all round performance and more adjustability than most of you could ever dream of, this addition to the ST Series illustrates just how far Mizuno has come in recent years with its metalwood designs.

Available: October
Price: £449

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