Meet the 12-year-old golf fanatic from Rugby whose father built a golf course in their garden

Lila plays with an impressive level 15 handicap.
Lila plays with an impressive level 15 handicap.

Many Rugbeians have explored their hobbies during the lockdown, but Lila Bisset and her father Paul might just take the top spot when it comes to using the lockdown to create something amazing.

12-year-old Lila is a self-confessed golf fanatic, playing with an impressive level 15 handicap.

But when lockdown came into effect in March and her father was furloughed, the family decided to create their very own golf course in their garden.

Families across the country have used the lockdown to build garden golf courses.

Lila said: “The garden golf course has meant I’ve been able to practice every day, something that would have been difficult when we weren’t allowed out.

“Golf makes me feel incredibly happy, and my love for the game has increased during lockdown – it’s also been a great way to spend more time with my Dad.”

The Bissets are one of several families across the country to use the lockdown to build garden golf courses.

Overall golf has seen a 40 per cent spike in popularity since March.

Lila said the course has allowed her to practise every day.

To celebrate this and the BMW PGA Championship teeing off earlier this month, sent ex-professional golfer Nick Dougherty on a Garden Golf Tour, to play a round with some of the sport’s most passionate devotees.

BMW Ambassador and golf broadcaster Nick Dougherty said: “The courses that fans have created are incredible.

“As well as being a great sport, many people find golf really helps relieve stress.

“Covid-19 shone a light on the game and showed more people than ever how golf can help with fitness both physically and mentally, by getting us outdoors and active.

“The last few months have opened up the sport to new players, old and young.

“The courses people have built in their gardens are more than just golf courses – they are ways to spend more time with family and friends, create challenges between golfing buddies, practice their short game and, more than anything, spend time outside.

“The BMW PGA Championship will be more popular than ever this year and I’m sure will inspire more people to transform their gardens.”

BMW has been associated with golf globally for more than 30 years, sponsoring the PGA Championship since 2005.

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