Masters chairman supports viral Amen Corner video


Augusta National certainly has a reputation for its traditions, so it’s fair to say eyebrows were raised when YouTube stars Dude Perfect took their All Sports Golf Battle to the Masters venue last week.

The video, which begins on Augusta National’s 11th hole, features members of the group, as well as Bryson DeChambeau, using frisbees, baseball bats and croquet mallets to play the famous stretch of holes.

For a club where some traditions have lasted for decades, this was certainly a change from the norm, and some fans might have winced at the thought of YouTube stars holing out at Amen Corner with snooker cues.

To see footage of the Georgia club outside of the Masters or the Augusta National Women’s Amateur is incredibly rare, and for that digression to feature outsiders landing frisbees into the hallowed ground of Augusta National is almost unbelievable.

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Not unbelievable for chairman Fred Ridley, though. Speaking at his pre-tournament press conference on Wednesday, Ridley was very supportive of the video, which currently has well over six million views.

“My first reaction was, who are these guys?” admitted the Augusta National chairman.

“But it was something that I got comfortable with very quickly. No. 1, these are very upstanding young men who it was obvious to me in some discussions, some third-party discussions of people who had been dealing with them and things they actually said on video. They had the utmost respect and reverence for Augusta National.”

Clearly, the allure of Dude Perfect’s 57 million subscribers was enough for chairman Ridley to get onboard with the group’s All Sports Golf Battle, one of the most popular genres on the group’s channel.

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“I think it accomplished what we wanted to,” he continued.

“I’ve heard from a number of my law partners who have teenage children who said, ‘This is great. My kids want to go out and play golf.’ That’s sort of the idea.

”We’ll look at more things like that but always through a lens of our culture and respect for the game and respect for the institution in this place.”

Whether you enjoyed watching Bryson DeChambeau play a forehand tennis shot from Rae’s Creek or not, it sounds like the Green Jackets might have similar ideas in the future hidden up their sleeves

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