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Lagos has a strong reputation for being a municipality that has consistently drawn together creative entrepreneurs and investors.

Thanks to the area having a rich culture and history, combined with a progressive vision, the municipality is currently following various initiatives and projects to support entrepreneurship, start-up’s and companies with a view to expanding the economic and social development of the region.

Historically Lagos has been a popular tourist destination and the businesses that have come to the area have reflected this, with there being a tendency to attract investment from businesses related to hotels, restaurants and tourist entertainment. The beauty of its beaches and the rich gastronomy sparked a growth in these areas, without the municipality losing its authenticity. However, in more recent years, entrepreneurship in Lagos has taken on a new dynamic with new companies and start up’s full of creative ideas settling in the city.

Recognising the value of these entrepreneurs, the municipality of Lagos has developed and implemented a series of initiatives, including the Cowork collaborative workspace and the adhesion to the regional development networks Investalgarve and Algarve Revit + (revitalisation of the county’s business areas), the Entrepreneurship project in Schools, the Lagos Start On to Start Up meeting, several thematic workshops and the new Espaço Empresa. In addition, new relationships and dynamics have been created with several diverse local, regional and national stakeholders to allow the creation of an important business knowledge network.

More recently, Lagos joined the Algarve Systems and Technology Partnership (Algarve STP), an association that aims to promote innovation and technology activities in the Algarve region, predominantly in the digital area. Alongside this initiative, the development of SuSTowns, with the University of the Algarve also stands out as a project that aims to encourage the county’s tourism development and sustainably generate economic benefits for the local community while respecting its historical, cultural, social and environmental identity.

In addition to its award-winning golf courses and renowned tourist developments, when it comes to business areas it is impossible not to mention Marina de Lagos as one of the greatest references in this area and an anchor of nautical tourism in the municipality and region. Inaugurated in 1994, it has already been visited by more than 40,000 vessels and 100,000 customers, putting Lagos back on world routes just as it did during the period of Discoveries. With several distinctions and international awards, Marina de Lagos is a meeting point for travellers.

Aware that this new trend in business is here to stay, the municipality of Lagos will continue to support entrepreneurs and investors through its initiatives with the aim of strengthening the municipality as a privileged point, in the Algarve, Portugal and Europe, for entrepreneurial, creative and courageous minds.

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