Jordan Spieth dices with death at Pebble Beach! Watch ‘the most terrifying shot’ he’s ever hit


Do NOT try this at home, folks! Jordan Spieth has a lot of explaining to do to his family after this daredevil decision at Pebble Beach

“My parents are here too, so not only do I have to explain to my wife, I’ve got to explain it to my mum and dad.” Jordan Spieth is talking about the moment that is going to get him into a lot of trouble at home.

The three-time major champion hit a shot during the third round of the 2022 Pebble Beach Pro-Am which can be described as anything from “daredevil” to “downright stupid”.

Spieth’s drive on the par-4 8th hole had come to rest over the red out of bounds line, but had somehow managed to avoid the 70-foot drop into Pacific Ocean.

A sign just a few feet away read: “DANGER! STEEP CLIFF”. Nick Faldo, commentating for CBS, said there was “no way you’d stand there and play that”. Caddie Michael Greller wouldn’t even go within 10 feet of the ball to take a look for himself.

But this is Jordan Alexander Spieth we’re talking about.

So, with his left foot just inches from the edge of the cliff and one wrong move from – well, it doesn’t bear thinking about, Spieth somehow managed to not only connect with the ball, but fly the green too.

“My footing was solid, but I didn’t have much room past where my left foot was,” Spieth explained. “The problem was it’s down sloped. If it was flat, it’s no issue at all. It’s the down slope that worries you because you’re getting more forward to your left side on a down slope in order to get the strike. You want your weight with the slope. I didn’t want my weight with the slope that time.”

Let’s take a look…

If that isn’t enough to send a shiver down your spine, the angle from the blimp gives you a better idea of just how daredevil/downright stupid it was to take it on…

So what did Spieth think of the shot?

The on-course mics picked up Spieth telling Greller that it was “the most terrifying shot he’s ever hit – by far”, while in his post-round interview, Amanda Balionis joked: “If I was your wife, Annie, I would be about ready to murder you.”

“I’ve never really had a life or death situation on a shot before,” Spieth replied – though he doesn’t confirm if he’s talking about the cliff or Annie.

You can watch the interview, which includes another really cool angle of Spieth’s shot from directly behind him, here:

Never change, Jordan.

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