Jon Rahm misses putt so short even us hackers can’t relate!


Sometimes the world’s best players are just like us, but Jon Rahm somehow managed to take it too far the other way. Watch the incredible missed putt here

It’s always nice when the best players in world pull something right out of a high-handicapper’s box of tricks. But Jon Rahm has perhaps gone so far the other way even the most hackiest of hackers would struggle to relate.

Rahm – the world’s best player, remember – missed one of the shortest putts you’ll ever see. Anywhere. Ever.

Let’s just watch it. We all know that’s what you’re here for…

Who else played out the “here comes the putter throw” scene from Happy Gilmore in their head?

Here’s a slightly clearer angle…

If you want numbers, the par putt was 10 inches. The bogey putt was seven inches. According to the PGA Tour, the make percentage inside one foot is a 99.96%.

It is, the statisticians tell us, the shortest miss on tour this season.

Rahm was pretty reasonable about what happened.

“It’s as simple as, you know…” he started. “It just didn’t feel good in my hands, and I tried to stop, and I didn’t.

“I just simply didn’t stop. I don’t know. It was very odd. I’ve seen many things. I’ve seen the putter get a little stuck on a blade of grass on the way back and do something funky, hit the ground before because you’re not paying attention.

“I’ve seen so many things from a foot. I’ve seen some of the best putters in the world miss it because you don’t really take a proper stance.

“It sucks to give away a shot like that, to be honest.”

At least it wasn’t just Rahm flunking his lines on the opening day of the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Earlier in the day, Canada’s finest Correy Conners hit a shot that will have you nodding along in solidarity…

You’ll particularly enjoy the commentator blaming the grass.

Give over. Sometimes the world’s best just stone cold top it…

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