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Jasmine Harman, 45, has revealed how moving to Portugal in her 20s changed her “whole life outlook” after growing up in London’s Hackney Borough. The star initially moved into an exclusive golf and beach resort in the Algarve before trading it in to work on a farm where she quickly realised how her perception on life had been “very narrow”. 

Jasmine shared: “When I first arrived, I lived in Vale Do Lobo which is a very exclusive golf and beach resort, but when I moved to the farm it gave me a more authentic experience. 

“It felt like the ‘real’ Portugal, which was lovely. Living abroad changed my whole outlook.

“Living in the East End my experience had been very narrow, and suddenly I realised the world was my oyster.

“I think I’d only been on a plane once by the time I was eighteen, so moving to Portugal was life-changing.”

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“It made me realise I could go anywhere and do anything. I didn’t have to be limited,” she added to WigWam Swindon.

The experience of being away from home for the first time and learning a new culture was an educational lesson for Jasmine.

She continued: “It was really transformational, as it is for a lot of young people; travelling just changes you. 

“It helps you grow and understand where you fit into the world, and I managed to pick up the language quite easily. “

“I watched myself on TV and wondered if I could ever be as perfect as the ‘me’ on screen. It was a weird sensation.”

The star shared she is currently “struggling to keep my head above water” with homeschooling her children Albion and Joy.

“I barely find the time to brush my hair, never mind put on make-up or do a workout. I have found this latest lockdown harder than ever and I’m sure I’m not alone.

“Homeschooling is tough and as much as I love spending time with my kids, I really miss my job. I feel like my identity is dissolving, and I’ve been emotional eating and drinking,” she added.

Fans were quick to praise the star for remaining authentic in the comment section.

One typed: “Well done Jasmine, you look incredible.”

A second remarked: “This is very honest of you Jasmine. You’re definitely not alone. You still look fantastic.” 

A third commented: “What a refreshing, open, heartfelt, sincere, honest, vulnerable and relatable post. We need more of this on our feeds!”

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