I’ve Entered Every Scorecard Since August, Here’s What Happened…


I’ll be honest and say that when the World Handicap System went live in the UK in November 2020 (just as lockdown began), I was not too excited about it. I loved the old CONGU system, having grown up with it and known its workings. Two under my handicap and I’d come down 0.2, two over it and I’d have sadly missed the buffer zone and another 0.1 was on its way. 

I initially kept everything the same when we were allowed to play golf again in England, so for the first few months I only ever put a scorecard in during a competition, just as I used to. However, with my handicap cut from its pre-WHS 4.7 down to 2.4 and my golf getting worse, I finally admitted to myself that my handicap was not reflective of my ability.

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