Is this what all club golfers should be using?


There’s a reason hybrids are far easier to hit than irons. And Hannah Holden wonders if mid-handicappers should be using more. We’ll let her explain


Wilson Launch Pad hybrid irons: First impressions

Although they wouldn’t like to admit it, most club golfers hit their mid to long irons the same distance. This is fine if you have room to run up shots from the fairway to the green, but not if you have bunkers or water hazards to carry.

There is a logical reason for this. Typically, the lower the loft in an iron, the more difficult it is to hit the ball high. This means most club golfers struggle to get enough height on long iron shots due to the fact they have a slower clubhead speed and don’t have a steep enough attack angle to hit down into the ball at impact. This lack of height on shots leads to reduced hang time and, overall, shorter carry distances.

Fear not, for there is a solution to this common issue.

Hybrids are easier to hit than irons. They launch higher and land softer, making it considerably easier to achieve consistent gapping through the bag and give you more yardages with which to play when it comes to flying those pesky bunkers.

They also spin more so, combined with the steeper land angle, it makes holding greens from long distances much easier. 

Hybrids sit between irons and fairway woods and have much thicker heads than irons of the equivalent loft. This allows the centre of gravity to be moved further back from the club face which gives you a much higher trajectory. They also suit players with a more sweeping swing style, which is far more common among the amateur game.

All this information begs the question: Should most high handicap golfers be using a full bag of hybrid irons?

After all, they offer much more forgiveness on off-centre strikes and are far more consistent in terms of carry distances. What’s not to love?

So let’s take a look at the new Wilson Launch Pad hybrid irons…

It would have been easy for Wilson to focus on technology and performance and leave the aesthetics to last. Instead they have dived into reshaping and redesigning these and, I’m sure you’ll agree, they’ve done a great job.


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