Interview: Paul Mellor, UK Course Coordinator, Derbyshire, Cheshire



As MDM launches in the UK, we find out what our new regional coordinator, Paul Mellor thinks of his day at the office.

“I joined the Million Dollar Masters team in the summer of 2021, just as golf clubs were finding their feet again after lockdown. And I have to say I thoroughly enjoy it.”

I’m retired, after selling my independent financial advisory firm in 2015, and I’ve been looking for something that piques my interest, and MDM was it. It matches perfectly my passion for golf and satisfies my enjoyment of meeting new people as well as raising money for charity. I also get an income too. I’ve traded my office of 15 staff for a golf course!

My role with MDM involves researching websites like Golf Empire, identifying opens and golf days that are taking place near to my home and making contact to offer the Million Dollar Masters course-side competition. It takes roughly four emails to the courses offering to add extra excitement and competitive rivalry before I get a bite. Then once I explain how it all works, and the income that it can generate for the course or charity, it’s a no brainer, they sign up straight away. Then all I have to do is take the MDM flag along and meet and greet the players.

On game day the atmosphere is charged with excitement as players get to shoot for a hole in one and play to win to get to the Masters 2023 where they take a shot at winning $1m. The anticipation from the remainder of the group and the camaraderie, with cheers, oohs and ahhs from the other players as the ball hits the green creates a lot of excitement.

I would say that if you are a golfer, retired and looking to supplement your income or just raise money for charity, then Million Dollar Masters Club is for you. It’s great fun, social and has a great sense of purpose.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a course coordinator in the UK in 2022 visit: or contact Stuart Ware-Lane on 07909 007826

When you see us, PLAY! When you see us, PLAY!