“I Do Shout Fore, I Don’t Know What You’re On About”


During his press conference at Royal St George’s, Bryson DeChambeau gave a heated response after being asked why he doesn’t shout ‘fore’?

Bryson DeChambeau Gets Heated – “I Do Shout Fore, I Don’t Know What You’re On About”

The big hitting American, who was only a few minutes into his press conference at The Open before being asked the question, didn’t take too kindly to it.

The question was: “Bryson, I’m just kind of curious that, over the last few months, we’ve watched you launch a few drives into a few crowds and you don’t seem to shout ‘fore.’ I’m just wondering why you don’t?”

Bryson DeChambeau Not Shouting Fore

DeChambeau’s average clubhead speed is 132.89mph. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

DeChambeau responded saying:  “I do shout ‘fore,’ I don’t know what you’re on about, there are plenty of people on the tee box that do shout ‘fore’ as well.

“You’re bringing up a very controversial thing, which is unfortunate, but 99% of the time I do and unfortunately people think I don’t but that’s okay they can say whatever they want.”

Was the question justified though? Well over the last few months there have been multiple occasions where the big-hitting American has not shouted ‘fore’ after hitting his drives.

At the PGA Championship, social media branded DeChambeau “disgraceful” after failing to shout fore despite a wayward opening tee shot.

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The 27-year-old, whose average ball speed on Tour is over 190mph, pulled his first drive left directly into the spectators. Luckily nobody was injured.

There were arms signalled by those on the tee, but there was no shout of fore heard via the broadcast.

DeChambeau did go on to shout fore on the very next hole when he once again drove it into the galleries.

A similar incident also occurred at the US Open, with the American failing to shout ‘fore’ or even point his arm out in the direction the ball was going on the 4th hole at Torrey Pines.

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