How To Read Greens And Hole More Putts


PGA pro Katie Dawkins shares some simple green-reading tips that will help you hole more putts

How To Read Greens And Hole More Putts

Reading greens is often a challenge for golfers, with many leaving it too late to see the true undulations that face them. For example, once on the green and crouching down behind a putt, subtle slopes and dips can easily go unnoticed.

So, in this article PGA pro Katie Dawkins shares her green-reading tips that will get you started on the way to holing more putts and shooting lower scores…

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I highly recommend checking out the lie of the land from afar. Once you’ve hit your approach shot your reading radar should kick into action as you watch the ball scamper up there. If you watch carefully as your ball rolls up to or onto the green you’ll already have an idea of how your putt (or chip) is going to behave.

As you get closer to the green take a moment to assess the area. Almost as if taking a panoramic photo with your mind, scan from one side of the green and its surrounding areas to the other.

green reading 2

Scanning the lie of the land before you get to the green will improve your green-reading ability

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Suddenly you’ll notice water hazards, natural and man-made, and be aware that the ground most likely slopes towards where the water collects. Warning: this won’t be the case 100 per cent of the time so be on the lookout for exceptions.

You’ll also start to see where the natural topography of the land moves to and from, where the biggest slopes are, and where gravity would be inclined to take your ball.

Do the same if you have a chip or even a pitch shot shot upcoming as you still need to settle on a decent read if you want your ball to end up close to the hole.

So get your beady eyes assessing the surrounding ground and look at the bigger picture. You’ll be more prepared once you get onto the green and be more confident in your choice of line, which is only going to result in more holed putts.

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