How to deal with golf cheats


Most people see golf as a ‘gentleman’s game’ – a game of honour, and a sport that attracts life’s good guys. However, this isn’t always the case. Those who regularly check out tournament odds at places such as Boylesports golf betting markets will be familiar with all the great golfing names – and how good they were on the green – but what about off the green? Were they really that good? If you are a player, you may well be surprised that there can be some highly questionable conduct in the sport.

If you ever find yourself paired with a golfing partner whose sporting values don’t reflect your own, what do you do? Well, here, we will look at how to best deal with a cheating golf partner…

Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt

According to studies by the National Golf Foundation, approximately 90% of golfers claim that they play by the rules. So why are there still lots of golfers that sweep away two-footers and take extra tee-shots and don’t add extra strokes?

This is because, basically, there are a number of players who cheat that don’t even really know they are cheating. So, instead of berating them for it, you should extend them the benefit of the doubt that they are unaware of the cheating – and use the moment to teach them.

You might simply say, ‘hey, you know you’re not supposed to do that right?’ and generally, many will thank you for your input and change their behaviour. However, if this isn’t the case and they continue to play the same way, then you simply don’t pay them and never play with them again.

Get a Faster Cart

If you are against a brazen cheat, then one way to combat this is simply to get a faster cart – and get to their ball before they do. If you are against a rich, famous and wealthy opponent that has a cart that whizzes around the green quickly, then this will be difficult. However, most golf cheats aren’t fast drivers with fast buggies. So, if you think your partner may be inclined to cheat, simply put your foot down and get to their ball first.

Calculate Your Costs

Golf is seen by many as not just a fun pastime, but also a social event. So, any accusations of cheating can have implications that go way beyond the golfing green. You may accuse a golfer of cheating on the fairway – and then be expected to have dinner and drinks with him that night… maybe with partners and children.

So, if the match is low stakes and no one is really losing out majorly by the cheating – and making accusations can cause difficult situations in the future, then it might simply be best just to let things slide. However, if it’s a tournament or important competition, then it’s different. So, are you playing high stakes or low stakes? Is there more to lose than gain by confrontation? Calculate what your accusation may cost overall and work out whether it’s worth it.

Lower Your Stakes

The thing with playing big stakes is that there is a lot to lose – and so accusations of cheating can cause big problems. Playing for big sums can lead to allegations, fights and problems. The best way to prevent these major problems is by playing for lower stakes. If you are playing for just a bit of pocket money, who really cares that much? There might be teasing or joking, but no one will really get very mad in the end. There certainly won’t be any fights breaking out.

So, there you have it. No game is perfect and filled with sportsmanlike behaviour. When playing with or against people you don’t know that well, it may be that you meet people that don’t have the same standards as you. But be cool, calculate costs and always act with a level head. 

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