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Golf first rose to popularity after the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century due to economic prosperity. With the increased income and leisure time, working-class people started indulging in this sport.

However, its popularity has ebbed and flowed over the years due to its long game time and repertoire. But over the past few years, this norm has been changing. It has gained more players and fans. In fact, in 2019, there were 24.3 million golf players in the US, which has only increased ever since.

So, what is the reason behind this new popularity? Let’s find out!

Successful industry trends

Here are some reasons why golf is attaining more fans:

Quick events

A game of golf earlier used to take about four hours for a group of four players. Today, it is shifting towards making these events shorter by playing only nine holes. This attribute attracts more players who earlier liked the game but never had the time to indulge in it.

Similarly, another new concept of speed golf is also catching up, wherein players are timed while they play, and the goal is to finish the game as quickly as possible. It attracts many people who love challenges and like to do things differently.

Increase in the number of young golfers

The number of young golfers aged 6 to 17 has increased in the last ten years. Further, due to the influx of the younger generation, social media sites have shifted their focus to golf. This entire process has resulted in the codependent promotion of golf in which young people post golf-related content on social media and gain followers in exchange.

Better technology

Golf is one of those games which have kept up with the changing times and adapted itself according to the latest technology. From GPS-enabled golf carts to apps that help players track their progress, there are various ways in which technology has made the game more interesting.

It helps players improve their game and makes it more fun to play. It keeps a tab on the game performance and alerts about bad weather conditions or unavailability of equipment at the local golf course.

Increase in viewership

In 2021, 9.5 million fans watched the final round of the Masters on CBS. This growth in viewership is not limited to TV but also to online streaming platforms. The freedom to watch any golf game at your will makes online platforms great.

However, it is essential to stream through a secure internet connection such that you don’t fall prey to the tactics of cybercriminals. The best way to do so is to install a Virtual Private Network. A VPN encrypts your data and tunnels it through a secure connection so that you can stream golf matches without any worries. For instance, it also can unblock DAZN or other similar sports streaming options.

Corporate involvement

Golf is often considered to be a game for the rich and famous. However, with the rise of corporate involvement, it has now become a game for everyone.

More and more companies are holding corporate golf events where they can network and enjoy themselves simultaneously. Such events are open to employees of all levels. This is not only helping to boost the popularity of the sport but also making it more inclusive.

More media coverage

With the increase in popularity, golf is also getting more media coverage. It is helping attract new players and giving existing players a platform to showcase their skills. It is also helping generate more revenue for the sport as sponsors are willing to invest more money in it.

The environmental factor

Learning from their previous non-eco-friendly mistakes, the golfing community strives to establish itself as a leader in water management, conservation, and biodiversity. They are curing carbon-positive course design, all of which is increasing their fanbase.

Golf in future

Now that we know how golf is becoming more popular among the masses let’s see how it benefits businesses.

Revenue growth

The Global Golf Equipment Market will make $10.15 billion by 2030. Apart from this, there will be revenue inflow from the increased participation, a rise in disposable incomes, and expansion of golf courses globally.

Investment opportunities

Businesses looking for investment opportunities can consider constructing new golf courses or investing in existing ones. With the game’s popularity rising, investing in golf equipment is also a great idea.

What’s more, golfers are also becoming more fashion-conscious and are willing to spend more money on clothes that make them look good on the course. It, in turn, increases revenue generation. Brands like J.Lindeberg and TravisMathew cater to this trend by offering stylish yet functional golf apparel.


The pandemic has been one of the biggest reasons for the rise of golf fame. Being an awesome socially distant game, it attracted people worldwide. However, this is only the beginning of its growth. With its rich history and evolving nature, golf is here to stay!

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