How difficult is it to get Masters tickets? As it…


For players and fans alike, getting an invite to the Masters is a very tough task.

This year, less than 100 pros will tee it up at Augusta National, and some lucky patrons will be on-site to see it. To get a ticket though, most had to survive the infamous annual ballot.

For most, the email from Augusta National sadly reads something like this: 

“We have completed the ticket selection process for the Masters Tournament and we regret to inform you that your application was not selected.”

Gutting. So, what are your chances of successfully getting pulled out of the hat? According to the boffins at, you’re looking at odds of around 0.55%. Yep, that’s right, less than one-in-100 applicants are getting selected for a day ticket.

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They estimate (Augusta National don’t release the official numbers) that around 40,000 patrons are on-site each day. Of that number, around 18,000 have a Masters Series Badge, which entitles holders to all-week access. That leaves 22,000 tickets per-day, split between roughly two million applicants. When you put it that way, your chances don’t sound great.

Still, don’t let that stop you from trying. Someone’s got to win it…

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