How Can Golf Fans Benefit From Non-GamStop Gambling?


The UK is suffering from an increasing number of problem gamblers. According to a study conducted by UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), 0.5% of the UK’s population are problem gamblers. GamStop, GamBan, BetBlocker, and NetNanny are providing restrictions against gambling sites through their self-exclusion schemes. 

According to a study conducted by UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), 0.5% of the UK’s population are problem gamblers. Self-Exclusion schemes provided by GamStop block all online casinos and gambling-related sites for a chosen period of exclusion. Any site under regulations of UKGC gets banned from use of GamStop. The exclusion period may last from 6 months to five years.

Punters who have voluntarily registered on GamStop often feel the exclusion is overwhelming and try to escape the restrictions imposed by GamStop. They try to get out of the GamStop block by either using a VPN(Virtual Private Network) or registering at non GamStop betting sites via NonGamStopBets and available in the United Kingdom. These sites are not registered on the UKGC database, so GamStop cannot block these sites from punter’s devices. 

Non-GamStop sites offer various advantages over GamStop sites to attract both GamStop users and new players. They offer few restrictions and greater bonuses as compared to UKGC-registered casinos. Moreover, verification is more accessible, and you do not need to share your financial and personal details for signing up on these sites. 

Limited Restrictions

Any gambling site that originated in the UK or operated in the UK needs the UKGC license. Once the site gets registered in UKGC and owns the license, the commission has control of the site. The online casino must follow each of the regulations and guidelines laid by the commission. For example, UKGC decides on the maximum bet amount, games that players could play, and the maximum prize that could be rewarded to the player.

UKGC also makes the use of GamStop mandatory on their sites. But not all golf bookies participate in the GamStop network. UKGC license and GamStop could be legally beneficial but often cost the loss of the gambling site operator and the gambler due to the number of restrictions imposed on the site.  

Non-GamStop gambling gives the players the freedom they wish. Anyone can choose his bet amount and win jackpots that are much higher than GamStop gambling sites. 

This makes gambling more amusing, and players tend to be loyal to these sites. So, Non-Gamstop gambling profits the site operator by maintaining the customer base and increasing it as many punters turn to these sites to escape blocks by GameStop. 

No Need For Verification

In GameStop sites, that is, sites under UKGC regulation, verification is mandatory. In the verification process, one must provide ID proof, bank statements, and other personal and financial documents. UKGC has made the process mandatory because of many reasons, as verification makes the gambling process safe for both the player and the operator.

But, verification can also bring about identity thefts, loss of information, and hacking of personal accounts. The documents and all data are being shared with a third party during the process. 

For this reason, most UK players prefer not to share information with gambling sites and feel that verification should be optional. 

Once the player verifies a bank account, he cannot deposit or withdraw any funds from the site with other banks account. Moreover, the verification process is often long and tedious and makes the player lose his excitement to gamble.

Non-GamStop sites are often “No Verification” sites, where all you need to do is sign up using a username or Email Id and set a password. You will be signed up as a player on the site. Then you can deposit funds, claim the amazing bonus that they offer, and start playing immediately. 

The process is quick, and there is no fear of sharing information with a third party. 

Various Payment Options

On 14th April 2020, UKGC banned credit card use on their gambling sites. Till then, credit cards were used by most players due to the safety and convenience it provides. Players could gamble with their credit cards and pay off their due to the credit card company on their time. 

UKGC thought the use of credit cards was the reason behind uncontrolled gambling. Still, it caused great inconvenience to the players. 

Non-GamStop sites do not impose any such restrictions on credit cards or other payment methods. As a result, various options to transact on the sites such as pay laters options, net banking, e-wallets, etc. 

Offer Great Bonuses

UKGC registered sites must accommodate the cost of licensing, taxes, and regulation charges of the commission. Almost half of their profit drains into UKGC. It leaves with less profit, so they cannot afford great bonus offers to their players. They offer a 50% deposit match bonus and a few free spins at max. 

Non-Gamstop sites are not burdened with UKGC charges, thus providing amazing bonus offers such 500% match bonus and hundreds of free spins. Players are more attracted to these sites. 


Although UKGC provides safety and promotes responsible gambling, it imposes many restrictions on both the players and the site operators. A few of the limitations may seem unreasonable as well. Fortunately, not all sites cooperated with GamStop programs while accepting players all around the world. So, many punters are switching to non-Gamstop gambling to earn better rewards and get more entertainment and thrill out of gambling. 

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